The cops finally arrive as Maurine sucks the vodka dryMature

After a few minutes of silence in the kitchen (Anne had all but hung up on the 911 operator by this point), Maurine could feel the alcohol beginning to dull the pain just a bit, invigorated further consumption, and before long she was feeling pretty warm on the floor there. She suggested Anne go outside to watch for the police cruiser which would arrive shortly before the ambulance.

No, Mom,” Anne vehemently shook her head, “I'm going to stay with you.”

Yeah, but... what if they go next door by mistake, and Mr. Carruthers makes them mow his lawn before he lets them come over here?”

Anne giggled and added, “Or if he shows them his extensive metal detector collection?”

Though it killed to move her arm even the slightest bit, Maurine managed an exaggerated shrug and sigh, “Geeze, I could slip into shock before anybody ever comes to save me.”

Careful to avoid her mother's pounding arm, Anne gently hugged the prone woman around the neck and whispered, “I'll save you, Mom.”

Which brought tears to Maurine's eyes like no stupid injury ever could. “I love you, Honey,” she said, “now go.”

Anne had no sooner scampered to the front of the little house when she called from the doorway, “They're here!”

Maurine rolled her eyes thankfully, “Oh, thank you Jesus.”

She heard some commotion from the front as Anne excitedly let the cops inside. She couldn't hear her daughter's exact words, but she knew the tone: that girl's blood pressure was cranking, and she was prattling on like a caffeine junky. Suddenly, two men appeared above her, looking sharp in their dark uniforms, and Maurine was reminded of her sister Natalie, who famously only dated firemen and Marines. The shorter of the two, the one with a blond crew cut and boyish eyebrows, led Anne out of the kitchen to get a statement from her in private. The taller man, dark hair and an infectious smile, looked down at her with a bit of a crooked smile touching his lips.

Hmm. His lips, thought Maurine as she took another long swig from the freezing bottle in her good hand.

He circled around her until he was at her knees, still looking down at her, still smirking a little with those memorable lips of his. “Good afternoon, Miss Adams. My name is Officer Belanger.”

A little giggle escaped Maurine's sluggish mouth, “Officer Friendly!” and then she clapped her good hand over her mouth in an attempt to block any other of her brain's streams of idiocy from reaching the outside world.

The End

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