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There was a moment of indecision on Maurine's part, and the 911 operator asked again, “Ma'am? Are you in danger at this moment? Are you able to speak freely?”

Oh. Yes. My ex-husband was here, and we did argue, but this was an accident. I tripped over a chair leg after he left. I was... upset, I guess, and wasn't paying attention.”

That's understandable, ma'am. Do you have any other injuries?”

Maurine sighed heavily and replied, “No, not really. Though my ego may never be the same.”

The 911 operator obviously had no sense of humor, and said only, “Please stay on the line.”

Maurine rolled her eyes and handed the phone to Anne, who backpedaled and asked, “What am I supposed to do with it?”

Fart into it. See if you get a response.”

Despite the gravity of the last few minutes, Anne – who DID have a sense of humor – was unable to suppress a giggle. From the floor, Maurine heard the 911 operator in the phone's earpiece, “Ma'am? Ma'am?”

When the body first experiences a severe trauma, such as a broken bone, the first thing it does is release a massive amount of adrenaline into the blood to aid in the fight-or-flight response. But as these hormones fade after the initial surge, the injured person finally starts to feel the full brunt of the pain for the first time. As Maurine lay still on her back, clutching her arm tightly against her chest, the pain really began to throb, and she groaned.

Anne let the babbling phone drop to her hip as she knelt beside her mom and asked if she wanted a bottled water.

Tell you what, short stuff, why don't you grab the bottle of Stoli's from the freezer for Mommy? That might be better at taking the edge off.”

Anne nodded and went to the fridge, opened the freezer door, then stood on her tiptoes to reach a bottle in the back, behind the bags of frozen vegetables. She knocked a few stray ice cubes to the floor as she pulled free a clear glass bottle with STOLICHNAYA imprinted on the neck. She looked across the kitchen to Maurine and asked in all seriousness, “What kind of glass do you want?”

Are you kidding me? Just bring me the damn booze and I will suck it straight from the bottle!”

Anne scowled.

What is it, Honey?”

But you always yell at me when I do that.”

Now it was Maurine's turn to scowl, “You suck vodka straight from the bottle?”

Anne giggled and shook her head wildly, “No! I mean when I drink milk from the carton.”

Hmm, you're right. But these are special circumstances. Will you forgive me for my rude behavior?”

Anne appeared to give it some thought for a moment before answering, “I guess so... just this once.”

Thanks, babe. You're an angel.”


The End

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