anything can happen on craigslistMature

My hands were shaking, but you could only tell if you looked closely. I let them fall onto my lap, gripping my Ipod. I always seemed to get nervous before I met someone for the first time. All the signs were there, my stomach backflipping, my mind racing...

I looked out the window of the cab, the window was slightly open, letting the wind whip its way into my hair, blowing it in directions that found themselves in my eyes and stuck to my lipgloss. I wanted desperately to push the little up button on the door, but I've always been weary about messing with the windows in a cab. You never know what the driver is going to be like.

My eyes scanned the meter, and frowned, calculating how much more this ride was going to cost me. I silently cursed the public transportation strike that temporarily shut down the El train now that I really needed it. There was now no way for me to get through Philadelphia without having to hike or pay an arm and a leg just to meet someone at some dive bar that responded to some cheesy ad on Craigslist.

I pushed the 'next' button four times on the Ipod before I settled with Nada Surf. Something to calm my nerves, distract me from the constant filth outside of the window.

The numbers on the street signs slowly became smaller. I fidgeted as the cab pulled around a corner slowly. There she was...the dive bar he had specified. I handed the driver my fare, plus a twelve dollar tip. He smiled, and offered to come pick me up, but I declined, who knew what would ensue from this.

The End

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