Anything but Human

Have you ever wished to run with the wolves?

I often dream about the clouds. They float above us, always changing. They do not care for our troubles, our troubles are rooted to the spot while the clouds fly above us, almost taunting.

I do not wish to be a cloud. I do not wish to be a bird. The birds can control where they go and what they do. They have brains, clouds do not, but they too have troubles. Birds are prey, and I do not wish to be something weak, hunted.

If there were such a thing, I would wish to be a dragon. They are powerful. Only foolish or suicidal humans hunt dragons. Dragons, however, do not exist, so it would be impractical to wish to be one.

It would be impractical to wish to be anything but human. That does not stop people wishing that they were something else.

The End

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