Game On


As I entered the noisy gymnasium, and ran to our team’s side of the room, my coach stood with one hand on her hip glaring..

 “Shoot!” I said “Sorry coach. There was a small “event” I needed to deal with..” 

“Right.” She said putting the chrome whistle in her mouth and blowing. I quickly slipped off my street clothes revealing the uniform underneath.

The team sat on a bench at the bottom of a large row of bleachers. They barley glanced in my direction as I hurried toward them. Instead, spending the last minutes before play busily adjusting knee pads and making sure fingers were taped together properly.

“Ladies! I guess we can get started now!” Coach yelled while running down the sidelines; pointing and nodding at the head referee to indicate our team was ready.  “Hey! We’re late! Let’s get organized people!” she shouted, blowing her whistle in two or three short bursts.

Sliding onto the bench, I pulled my knee pads quickly out of my equipment bag and pulled each one on. Sitting next to me, Lilly Spearman was adjusting her arm pads..

“What happened?  I wasn’t sure you were going to make it Setter.” She said, smiling and raising her hand to wait for a high-five.

“Did you hear the alarms? I was involved with that incident with Alexandria Benton” I said, slapping her hand and allowing her to immediately high-five mine.

Lily was the attacker I generally chose in my sets. She was tall and strong and easily drilled the ball into the opposing team’s court. Together, we were like offensive dynamite; nearly unstoppable.

“Let’s go get em’!” I yelled and leaped up, grabbing hold of Lilly’s jersey and pulling her up as well. The crowd yealled loudly as we ran onto the court.  The scoreboard’s buzzer sounded with an explosive echo, reverberating throughout the gym as the coin toss was completed and our side won the serve..

The End

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