La Perla and Joe Boxer


At first I didn't see how making yet another video would keep the video from going viral.    I mean the point was I didn't want to be recognized.    But by claiming the video  "La Perla and Joe Boxer Disarm Gunman" was a hoax Alexandria's publicists were able to claim copyright infringement and get it blocked temporarily.  Of course we kept my face off camera in the little video we made.   We didn't need to convince everyone the video was a hoax,  just the lawyers at YouTube.   We were only stalling but it was better than doing nothing.  

"I can't believe you would do this for me.   It is such bad PR for you."  I said.  

"Well people were already saying that I staged it.   Did you read some of those comments?"  Alexandria said.  

"People are so mean on YouTube.  BeeberFan2 called you fat and you are the tinniest person I have ever seen.  And some people called me ugly too.  I am glad you got it taken down just for that reason. "  I laughed but truthfully my feeling were a little hurt. 

Alexandria's laugh was more convincing,  "Some guys called you hot too.  Don't let the haters bother you.   Those people have no lives.   But I posted the hoax rumor because  I want to help you.   I know they will kill you if they find you."  She hesitated and then asked,  "Do you really know where the arsenal is hidden? "

"No,  I don't."   I said,  and I really didn't know.  

"Did the princess survive?"  She asked suddenly.  

"No. " I lied.  

"Oh come on,    I heard rumors she escaped with you."  She said.  

"No she was killed by the insurgents with the rest of the royal family and my parents too."  I said firmly. 

"I am so sorry about your Mom and Dad."  She hesitated,  "You know I lost my parents too.   That is why I live with my Aunt."

"It was a drunk driver right?"   I said.   I had read about it.  Everyone read about it,  but I didn't know what else to say.   From what I had suffered I knew that I couldn't be too careful.   On something that painful even the most innocent remark can wound.   

"Yep,  Billy Worton Jr. third time offender was going east in the west bound lane and hit my parents head on.    He blew a .21 which is pretty high.   It was terrible."  She said and then she brightened picking up Sun Drop,  "You know my mother raised champion white labs and Sun Drop is a descendant of her favorite dog Angel."

"He is adorable."  I said smiling at the puppy who was the cutest, sweetest and floppiest thing I had ever seen.  "Are you angry with Billy Worton?"   I was afraid of upsetting her but I had to know.  

"I was,  but I visited him in prison and that helped me.   He is going to AA and trying to get his life in order, make amends and be a better person."

"He is probably trying to get parole."  I said.   When I saw her tear up I regretted it. 

"No,  he is sorry.  I can tell.   I have let it go."   She caught herself, wiped the tears quickly, sighed and smiled.  

I take it you are still angry."  She said.  

" I will never let it go."  I said and then looked at my watch. " Oh my gosh,  I have got to leave.    I have a volleyball game.  We are in single game elimination.   If we win tonight we go to the final four and then to state."   

"Wow,  I play volleyball too.  Beach volleyball but I bet I could play indoor."   

"Well we might need a new setter soon.   I don't know how much longer I can stay at Ellington. "

"I can set!"  She said.

"Of course you can."  I laughed.

 Before I left I asked.    "How does Lester think he can save the universe?"

"He thinks that the insurgents are going to kidnap me or should I say you,  Jane Plain and blow up LA."   She said. 

"Oh that is ridiculous.   The arsenal is somewhere in Eastern Europe." 

"I thought you said you didn't know where the arsenal was."  She said.   She was quick.  

"Well I don't know,  but I am pretty sure it isn't in LA." 

The End

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