Joke's On You

I sat with Peyton-yes with her- on my bed-yes my bed in my house- my laptop in front of us, the radio playing softly in the backround. "I have an idea." I said, my white lab puppy jumping on my face. "Get off Sun Drop." I mumbled, sitting up and putting Sun Drop in my lap.

"What is it?" Peyton asked.

"We made a video, telling everyone that our video was a set-up. That I was just acting. Everyone will believe it because anyone who knows me, knows I love to play practical jokes. We will say that everyone was real, except you and I were acting, along with Lester. It could've been a set-up so 1. I could get a little bit of acting in, 2. I could finally put Lester in jail for breaking my restraining order against him and 3. so I could let you act. It's genius." I told her, surprised that I had thought of that so quickly.

"What will I say?" Peyton asked, getting up to drink some of her Coke. I got up, still holding Sun Drop, to drink some of my Venti Chocolate Vivanno smoothie. I grabbed some sticky notes, and wrote down our "script". I turned my laptop around, where it faced towards the bottom of the bed, and pressed on the screen to turn it on. I lightly pressed on the screen until I found my webcam.

We probably had to stop and restart about 15 times, but we ending up nailing it. Soon Peyton had memorized her "script" so she could say it while looking at the webcam. When we finished we posted it as a reply to the other video.

I dialed my publisist's number, and told her she needed to make this video popular. Tell Entertainment HQ that I had made it, and let EVERYONE on youtube know. I flipped on my tv, and kept it on, while I turned off my radio.

"I didn't think you were smart enough to do that, to tell you the truth." Peyton said.

"You thought wrong."

The End

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