Who Says

Peyton was getting on my nerves. She needed a chill pill. I was so glad when the bell rang, I could finally get out of that classroom. I hoped that the rest of the day was normal, or as normal as days could get with me. When I went to my next class, Algebra, I noticed that there was only one seat left, and it so happened to be next to a really hot guy. I mean, he was no Riley DiGaurdi, but he was as close to it as he could get.

He smiled at me and explained what I was doing, although I could've figured it out. I've figured out how to put myself into a stunt harness, how to walk in a giant box that's spinning, and how to cry on command. I could figure out how to do warm-ups. He told me his name was Tyler. A nice name. A hot name.

Mr. Drew(that was actually his last name), was glad I was in his class, and that I had gotten a hang of things pretty quickly. In the middle of class I got a text from my publisist, asking if I would be up for a Ryan Diney interview. I said sure, and told my Aunt about it. She didn't mind, she let me do my "star thing" as she called it.

Tyler asked a lot of questions.  About movies, who I've worked with,  what it's like to be famous, if it's hard to act, and ike twenty more. It was pretty annoying. This was  not a good idea. I should've went to a private school, I mean, what Academy Award winning teen actress goes to public school? This was ridiculous. I wanted out.

The End

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