YouTube Viral Nightmares


"Well I look ridiculous."   Alexandra said.   She looked down at my clothes which were large on me and even larger on her.   She pulled on the fabric in exasperation.  " I mean really.  You are 14 not 40.     Is this denim green?"  

"Wow, you were amazing Alexandra."  said Brent Woods.

"She was amazing?"  I said as I tied Lester's hands together.   

"Well sure you helped Peyton, but the second Alexandra bit him, he let go of that gun.  She saved our lives."   

"Are you okay?"  Brent and several other boys brought Alexandra a chair.

"Oh I am fine and please call me Adele."  She said sweetly and then her eyes narrowed and she glared at me.   "Payton,  Where is my phone?  I want it back."

No,  ''thank you Payton for saving my life'', I thought as I patted my pockets which weren't there because I was still wearing Alexandra's clothes.    Then I realized that I had inadvertently given the phone back to her when we did our little wardrobe exchange.

"You have it.  It was in my sweater pocket.   Remember I handed it to you?

She looked at me blankly. 

"The sweater was the first thing I handed you."  I said.  

"I didn't put the sweater on.   The blouse was bad enough."    

I looked around and saw her phone in the back of the room sitting neatly on her desk and I walked back and picked it up.    It was vibrating.    I saw  my sweater was on the seat.   Lester was starting to struggle which distracted me.   As  I eyed  him warily,  I handed the phone to Alexandra.

"I think we should tie his feet too."    I said.  

Alexandra checked her phone and said,  "Oh I have to take this."   

Mrs.  Daniel rubbed her temples and Alexandra handed her a bottle of pain reliever. 

"Thank you dear."   Mrs.  Daniel's said.  "You really aren't supposed to have medicine in your purse or a cellphone in class for that matter,  but you are new and today is a special day. "   She examined the bottle.  "I wish you had something stronger."    She said but she took them anyway.  

The police came and took Lester away.   They wouldn't let us leave class until each student had been taken out and individually interviewed which took forever.   They wouldn't even let us  go to the bathroom and Alexandra was practically clawing to get out of my clothes.   I didn't realize how frumpy they really were until I saw them on her.   If they look that bad on her,  they must look terrible on me. 

Everyone was jumpy and Mrs.  Daniels decided to go ahead with the lesson plan.   

"Everyone open your books to page 234.  We were reading,  Pope.    Now why was Belinda so upset about the loss of a lock of hair?"   Mrs.  Daniels  looked around the room.  "Miss Evans?"

"Oh........because she was vain."  I said but I was distracted.     I had turned that cellphone off.    Alexandra didn't turn it back on.   She didn't have time.    Someone might have just played with it to get her phone contacts and it was probably nothing but it nagged at me.    

I turned around and whispered,  "Alexandra,  Do you have a video camera on your cellphone?"  

"Of course. " She smiled and rolled her eyes at me.    I didn't take offense.   There was something playful about her that made it difficult to take offense to anything she said or did and it was a stupid question.   Of course,  I knew the answer.  I was just wishing that she would say no or tell me that the video function was broken.   


The End

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