Pretty Handsome Awkward

I glared at Peyton, and ordered her to give me my phone back, which she did. I soon started undressing myself again, and so did Peyton. I grabbed some Pink by Victoria Secret and sprayed myself. I handed the teacher Aleve and let her keep it. She was calmed down soon enough.

We were told, no, ordered to not speak about what happened, or we would get into serious trouble. I knew Edward Lester would be going to jail for a long time. He broke the restraining order against him, and he did the whole crap he did.  Soon Mrs. Daniels was able to teach again, which calmed me down.

Out of all the schools I could go to, I had to go to this one. Why couldn't I go to Los Angeles High School, they were used to celebrities and had people for that. But no, I had to be here.

The End

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