Anything But A Plain Jane

Alexandria is everything but a normal girl. She's been in 15 movies so far, and she's only 14. She's starting in the middle of the year at a new school on break from her movie. This will be trouble!

I looked up at the mirror, my dark blue eyes looking back at a beautiful face-my own. My straight cherry brown hair laying on my forehead right above my eyebrows. With my haircut and color I looked more like 16 than 14, but I didn't mind. It worked out for some older roles. "Just finish off the school year, then I can make the sequel to my movie." I whispered to myself in the mirror.

I was wearing a pink sheared elbow sleeve tee from Juicy Couture, and a plaid silk skirt from Marc Jacobs. My shoes were black barret sneakers from Coach, and my purse-which held everything- was a black Prada tote with music lyrics all over it. It fit my school binder, wallet, cellphone, keys, make-up bag, and anything else I needed. I sighed, and walked out of the bathroom, my head held high, towards the office to get my schedule.

Luckily, the students were in the cafeteria waiting to be called for class, or in tutoring or something, so the only people in the office was the staff, or parents. I heard a few gasps when I walked in, and flashed a bright smile. I went up to the first woman I saw sitting at a desk and in my nicest voice possible asked, "Where can I get my schedule?" She smiled and then looked into a folder.

"Alexandria Benson, right?" She asked, although I knew-and she knew- she was right.

"Yes ma'am, but call me Adele please. That's what all my friends call me." I said with another movie star smile as she handed me a purple half-sheet of paper with my locker number and everything on it. There happened to be another student in there, I guess an office aid or something, who was told politely to show me around before class started.

First the boy-his name was Carter- showed me my locker, and helped me open it. He walked  me around the entire school, in order of period, and luckily he was done before the morning bell rang. I stuffed my bag into my locker, keeping my binder in my hands, but transferring all of my purse items into a black Prada clutch. "You have a purse inside your purse?" He asked me with a scoff.

"Well, the tote bag is annoying to carry around, and I have a locker so there is no point of carrying that around, but with my clutch it can hold everything I need in my purse, except for my make up bag, I just put my lip gloss in here." I told him with a laugh. "Yeah I know it kind of sounds ridiculous." I smiled, moving my phone to my back pocket.

"You text in class?" He asked, a scared look on his face. I wouldn't have to ask him if he did, it'd be an obvious no. I laughed awkwardly, looking behind me to see no one there.

"Well, I do if someone important texts me." I said, but it wasn't enough for him. His eyes bugged out, showing there was no excuse. "Someone important being my aunt, or my publist, or...." I said, but got interupted by the bell. I pointed to the sky, signaling I had to go to class, but Carter was gone, running down the hallway like there was a fire.

I walked down the hallway quickly also, so I wouldn't get bombarded with people, but that didn't work. Some guy saw me and  yelled out, "ALEXANDRIA BENSON!" So everyone ran over to me asking for me to sign autographs and stuff. I'm not Hannah Montana. In about three minutes a teacher broke up the swarm of students so I could actually get to class.

When I got into the classroom I texted my aunt. This isn't going to work.

The End

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