The walls closed in just like they had in the carnival.Joe remembered it his friends screeching and screaming ,dim lights shimmered,illuminating the small passage.Abby the girl who Joe had a crush on with her gingery - brown hair ,her rosey red checks, light green eyes bright red lips and who was about five feet tall she was only twelve ,turned around and smiled her white toothed smile.The other two  people accompanying were twins Micheal and Greg two brown haired tough looking boys with blue bright eyes and thick muscles . They all loved carnivals thats why Joe had snuck out and went to the carnival .As soon as the ride was finished they wondered about then the twins suggested to take a short-cut through the woods .They took the short-cut .The woods were very dense they strolled down the small path until they came to the cave . It was a mistake now that Joe thought about to explore the cave . Micheal let out a shriek of delight and ran over to the cave saying "Were goin' in there tomorrow. " His brother pointed at Joe "I dare you to go in,"he giggled .Joe agreed and walked reluctantly . As he walked in he shouted out .There was a wierd rumbling sound and the rocks fell just like prision bars shutting down and cutting him from the world .


The End

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