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This is a little something i wrote as a bit of fluff for my roleplaying on world of warcraft. Garrena is in the depths of a nightmare, which quickly becomes more and more sinister. Eventually her tormentor shows himself and the battle for her peace of mind begins.

I was sitting in a pool of blood, her head in my lap. Tears ran down my face, as I brushed back her lovely white hair from her pale face. Why had I done this to her? Why did she protect him? Why was he doing this? I leant down to her ear and whispered "Haili I'm so sorry" like I expected her to hear me or even accept my apology. I took her head and rested it gently on the floor, then taking her arms and folding them over her chest to cover up the weeping cavity caused by my blade. I could feel anger welling up inside of me, like a stoked fire ready to be unleashed upon my father. The colours of the world around me began to run, like wet paint, blending and mixing together. I starred in half shock as it melted away, leaving me sitting in total blackness. For some reason the sense of fear and confusion suddenly faded, I forced myself to my feet, looking left and right as if curious about my new surroundings. Then suddenly whatever I had been standing on vanished. My arms flailed widely in panic trying to grab something as I plummeted through the darkness. Upon looking down I could see the ground rushing up to meet me. I didn't make any attempt to lessen the damage of the fall, lying back and closing my eyes, waiting for the inevitable. But it did not come.

I landed gently on a soft surface. I opened my eyes slowly, to find myself staring at a wooden ceiling. I recognised the ceiling and the smell of the bedding I was lying on, this was my bed, in my home so many miles away. I looked down across my chest; the sight which met my eyes was indeed disturbing. My stomach was swollen out in a huge bump, bulging out from beneath the night dress that had replaced my armour. How is this possible? I am only 2 and a bit months gone, how can this be? That’s when I felt a large strong hand rest on my stomach; I turned to see Manik lying on the bed next to me, grinning like an idiot as he normally does.
“How’s my two favourite girls this mornin’?”
I tried to ask him what was going on. Why was I back home? Why had my bump nearly quadrupled in size? But he ignored my words, as if I was saying something completely different he responded.
“Look...I know you’re worried, but me ‘n’ the Brotherhood’ve your back. Everythin’s going to be a’right.”
The frantic beat of my heart slowed, beating steadily in my ears. I found myself looking into his dark brown eyes, and that warm feeling in the pit of my stomach set in. I couldn’t help but let a smile cross my face. I slowly reached out to touch his cheek with my right hand, but my hand never reached him. As soon as my hand came within a millimetre of his cheek, I blinked and then he was gone... The sheets where he had been lying remained immaculate, as if he had never been there.

Suddenly I was aware of a cold chill creeping up spine, like a single icy finger tracing along the arc of my back. I heard a cold chilling voice, one I had not heard in years, a voice that chilled the very depths of my heart.
“Such a shame he lied...”
I froze, my heart rate soaring, beating in my ears like a savage drum beat.
“Such a shame..”
I forced myself up from the surface of the bed, my eyes darting around my room, where was that voice coming from.
“ This is why you and your “Brotherhood” can never defeat me...”
I slipped out of the bed, staggering with the extra weight from the Pregnancy as I moved towards the door of my room.
“You made me proud once Garrena, the way you killed your sister without mercy. But now you make me sick.”
I reached the door, turning the handle and slamming my weight against it but it did not budge.
“Look at yourself! Disgusting! Hiding from me when once you took any means necessary to find me! That thing in your womb has made you weak! That man of yours has made you weak! You will never best me now!”
I was now pounding on the door, slamming my hands on it pathetically. I gave up turning from the door screaming aloud, in hope that he would hear me.
“You’re not part of my life anymore! You mean nothing to me!”
The cold voice vanished momentarily; it was replaced with a chilling laugh which caused my insides to turn.
“Oh Garrena, you’ll never shut me out...”

There was a rending crash as a destructive gale blew through the room, ripping huge splinters of wood from the floor and ceiling. I quickly covered my eyes and face with my hands and arms. I felt the walls behind me disintegrate into thousands of wooden splinters; the wind carrying them past my head is a hurricane of sharp shards. Then the wind stopped howling. I uncovered my face slowly gazing up into my new surroundings. The walls of my bedroom had been ripped away leaving the furniture untouched. The outside the perimeter of my room was covered in forest. The trees which crowded the ground around me were all dead and twisted, as if something had sucked the life from them. I stood up feeling a lot lighter, looking down to see the pregnancy had gone. The thoughts in my head were ones of confusion.
“This can’t be real. No way can it be real!” were the thoughts that running through my mind.
My Train of thought was interrupted by the sound of an explosion, followed by the singing of steel. In an almost curious fashion I stepped off the smooth floor of my bedroom and onto the hard rocky ground of the forest, and picked my way through the trees. I felt a sense of dread come over me, like I subconsciously knew what was to happen next. Still I pressed on. The rocks beneath me stabbing at my bare feet like knives, branches clawing at my body; tearing and ripping at my night dress. I batted the branches away frantically from my face, stumbling forward now almost blindly. That was when I caught my foot on a tree root, I fell forward head first rolling down a steep slope. Branches and bushes ripped at my skin and clothing, like thousands of clawed hands. The ground suddenly disappeared from beneath me and I began to fall, spinning wildly through air. I closed my eyes rolling myself into a ball; I didn’t care if what happened next. I felt the cold touch of icy water against my skin, entering my nostrils and mouth, trying to suffocate me. I felt ground beneath my back; I stretched out my legs wildly trying to touch the bottom with my feet, scraping them on numerous stones before getting a foothold and pushing up to break the surface. I inhaled deeply the moment my mouth and nose were clear of the water’s surface. Upon looking around I realised I had fallen into a river which was flowing through this woodland. The water was not deep; it only came up to my chest in my sitting state. I slowly pushed myself to my feet, the river gurgling around my knees gently. My night dress was ruined. The entire lower section of it was ripped away, with a torn muddy section just covering my chest and stomach. My clothes were soaked through, my nightdress and briefs clinging to me, setting a chill in my chest. Then another chill touched my chest, a sharp pang. And I heard that voice again.

“He was right... You are beautiful...”
I snapped round, starring across the bubbling waters. My eyes drawn in a mixture of fear and longing towards the towering dark figure, standing in the river less than 10 metres away. He took a step forward. His black plate armour creaking sinisterly as he moved, a long dark cloak gliding softly around him in the gentle wind. The small amount of light from the sky above us shone on his pure white hair and pale complexion, with his lilac eyes glowing gently. Protruding from behind his left shoulder was the hilt of his sword, a two handed Katana. He smiled slightly as his eyes hardened, cutting into me like the sharpest of knives.
“Like a fine wine; you have without a doubt grown better with age.”
It was only now that I became conscious of how little clothing still remained clung to my body. He smirked at me, obviously aware of what I was thinking.
“Calm yourself girl! I’m your father, surely you don’t think me that sickened?”
“I wouldn’t put it past you!” I spat back at him.
He laughed louder this time, the sound of his voice echoing across the narrow space between us.
“Girl, your pathetic attempts to unrest my ego is most amusing, but I believe you and I have more important matters to discuss.”
A terrible sound, like a monstrous screech reached my ears, causing me to winch almost in pain. My father slowly turned to look up the stream behind him, before turning back to me with an exasperated look on his face.
“Please tell your boyfriend while I admire his persistence, he has the worst timing I have had the luck of encountering.” There was another screech, this time louder and closer. My father slowly turned round to face the other way, cracking his neck as he did. Suddenly I was aware of a black shadow crossing the sky above us. An angry and tormented voice resounded across the woodland, as if it was screaming in agony.
“Fortveisle! Leave her alone!”
The shadow suddenly plummeted at high speed towards the water’s surface, landing with a crash between me and Fortveisle, spraying water up into my face. The shadowy cloud around whatever had fallen, began to dissipate. Revealing a set of large black wings extending from a human torso. It looked as if all the skin had been torn from the body, leaving only black muscle twisting and knotting around the creature’s frame. It turned its head slightly to look at me, its slightly reddened dark brown eyes meeting mine. That was when I knew who this creature was, or who it had been.

“Manik...” I murmured under my breath, feeling my voice waver as tears of a pain I can’t describe filled my eyes. He nodded and attempted a grin.
“Everythin’ is going to be a’right...” he grunted through his fanged mouth.
He turned his head from me and stood up tall, stretching his wings out behind him in a graceful arc. Fortveisle had now turned again to face Manik, his lilac eyes fixed on the towering demon.
“Daemons.... so inelegant..” he muttered slowly.
“Better than being a cowardly bastard like you!”
This time a pang of anger did cross Fortveisle’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared and he grinned again.
“If I’m such a coward, please dispatch me...” He bowed, looking up at manic his eyes hardening “If you can.”.
Manik clenched his fists, a look of immense concentration crossing his face. He groaned almost in pleasure as he unclenched his hands, a stream of dark blue flames flowing from his shoulder down his arms to his clawed fingertips. Fortveisle smirked, looking Manik up and down. He raised one hand slowly from his side, pointing his outstretched palm towards the heavens.
“It’ll take more than a bit of fire to harm me boy...”

Suddenly Fortveisle bent his fingers into claws, as he did so the sky darkened. Dark rain clouds suddenly appeared from nowhere, arcs of lightning crossed the skies followed by the deep resounding clap of thunder. Fortveisle suddenly brought his arm down to his side, and a sheet of heavy rain suddenly pounded forth from the heavens. The rain drops stung at my bare skin, almost as if they were hail. Clouds of steam were now billowing from Manik’s arms, caused by the rain evaporating due to the intense heat from the fire. Manik laughed, flexing his arms and causing the flames to burn brighter.
“You think a bit of rain will stop me?”
As he said this his wings struck down wards, propelling him up into the air above us. I looked up at him, marvelling as his wings struck outwards in repeated sweeps holding him aloft in the rain filled sky. I heard a low cold chuckle come from Fortveisle. Suddenly I felt a chill touch my heart, how could he be so confident without a reason? Then with the words he spoke came terrible realisation.
“It’s not the rain you should be worried about...”
There was a searing flash as a razor sharp bolt of lightning struck down from the sky, catching Manik on his left wing. I couldn’t help but let the scream escape from my lips as his flight faltered and he fell. Time slowed for me, not even Fortveisle’s hollow laughter could break me from this trance, watching as Manik fell inch by inch towards the ground.

His body made a sickening cross between a crunch and a splash as it hit the surface of the water. As the wash cleared I saw him half kneeling, his face facing the water’s surface. He was respiring heavily, what remained of his daemon form was now peeling from his skin, almost smouldering in fact. Fortveisle took another step forward towards Manik.
“Boy! Do yourself a favour, give up...” The words slid out of his mouth like some kind of aural poison. “I can assure you, she’s not worth it.”
Manik looked up from the water’s edge; a fire was present in his eyes that I had never seen before. He stood slowly, Dark blue flames slowly creeping around his bare upper torso and down his arms like serpents. He looked Fortveisle dead in eye and calmly but with a passion I had never seen in him before spoke the words which made my cold unhappy heart swell with happiness for a split second.
“I’ll be the one to decide that!”

Manik then slammed his hands together in front of him, the serpents of flame whipping down his arms to wrap themselves around each other into a growing whirlpool of dark flames between his palms. The ball began to spin faster and faster, pulsating violently as Manik looked past it keeping his eyes fixed on Fortveisle.
"She may be a cold hearted killer, an' be as dangerous as a badly handled bomb, but God damnit, she's got that spark. Best damn woman around who's gonna be the best damn mother around. An' fuckin' hell she looks good in white lace!"
Despite the overwhelming sense of happiness that suddenly welled up from my stomach, I could feel tears sliding down my cheeks. I just wanted to throw my arms around him, to bury my face in his shoulder so that the flow of my tears would be stemmed. Manik then removed one of his hands from the globe, poising the savage whirlwind atop his fingertips and directing it towards Fortveisle. With his other hand he dug into the holster on his belt, drawing his hefty revolver and levelling it at Fortveisle. Fortveisle eyed the revolver and laughed, not just his cold emotionless laugh, but one of genuine amusement.
“You truly think that that sizzle pistol of yours is going to help you whatsoever?”
At this Manik grinned wickedly back at him.
“It’s not the bullets you should be worried about!”

On the final syllable of this sentence Manik took hold of the fiery whirlwind in his hand and threw it aloft into the air, then grabbing his revolver with both hands charged at Fortveisle firing wildly. Fortveisle brought his plated forearms up to cover his head, the bullets striking the surface of the metal and ricocheting off in a sea of sparks. After the chamber was empty, Manik tossed the revolver aside and leaping as far as he could into the air. My confusion was only outweighed by my curiosity as to Manik’s plan. What was he planning? Then in a blast of shadow, a set of wings burst forth from his back. They beat rapidly to carry him into the sky above Fortveisle, where the fireball had just finished its assent and was now beginning to fall back towards earth. I looked on with shock, this was his plan? Manik flew vertically up, outstretching his hands towards the dark inferno before him. The moment his hands clasped round the fireball, his wings dissipated in the same burst of shadow as they had come. A look of immense concentration on his face he span round in the air so that he was looking down at Fortveisle below him. Fortveisle had now uncovered his face and was now looking up almost in bemusement. Manik raised the fireball above his head, gritting his teeth as he shouted down at his target below.
“Death from above! Mother Fucker!”
He brought his hands down from above his head, the fire ball blasting forth, down towards Fortveisle. The missile screamed as it flew, blasting down towards its target, searing with a light which forced me to avert my eyes. I saw what was coming and I threw myself forward into the water and covered my ears. It didn’t help.

The shockwave was tremendous. The water around me rose in temperature to the point where it was not scolding but still caused as much pain. I held my breath and sealed my eyes shut, waiting for the violent currents around me to desist. Eventually the water slowed, but I felt the touch of cold air against the back of my neck. The water was draining away, going downstream past me. I pushed my head out of the surface to see why. Manik’s fireball had caused terrifying devastation. The trees on the banks around us had been blown out of the ground and many of them closer to us had been set alight. In front of me where Fortveisle had been standing was now a crater, about ten metres in diameter. The river was now draining into that crater, leaving me lying on a bed of mud and rocks. Manik landed in front of me, his wings had returned for a split second to make one final flourish to slow his fall just as he hit the ground. He turned to me grinning, giving a thumbs up. I pushed myself to my feet, breaking into a sprint across the sharp stones and mud. He turned, wrapping his arms around me as we collided. We kissed like we never had before, his hands gracing my every curve of my body, our tongues dancing together. His hands slipped down my back and round my behind, pulling me closer to him as he always did. I don’t know how to describe it; it was like my stomach was boiling, my heart beating at a pace I had never encountered before. He pulled his face back from mine grinning.
"Fuckin' hell, woman... Gimme a chance to breath"
I smiled back at him, nothing he could say right now was going to spoil this atmosphere.

But he didn’t need to spoil it, someone else had that in mind. All I knew was that one moment Manik was holding me tightly, the next he had thrown me to the side as hard as he could. I landed on my side, looking up at Manik to see a look of pure fear flicker in his eyes for moment. I turned to see what he was looking at too late. Before I could conceive what was occurring, a giant twisted hand; made of a sickly lilac energy reached stretched through the air atop a spindly arm. This hand seized Manik around the torso, pinning his arms to his sides. My eyes looked from Manik along the pulsating trail of energy, to find the source twisting around a hand coated in black plate. In horror I watched, paralysed with fear. Fortveisle stepped forth from the shadows of the river bank, holding his right hand out in front of him, gripping a seemingly empty patch of air. The twisting trail of energy spiralling round this hand.
“That’s the problem with those super charged spells. So slow and predictable...”
He tightened his grasp slightly, this prompted a yell of pain from Manik, as the hand around him began to constrict. Manik forced a grin and yelled back.
“Is this the best you got?”
Fortveisle didn’t laugh. His eyes hardened and the smirk on his face dropped to a plain expression.
“On the contrary... I think you’ll find this is just foreplay...”
Fortveisle then pulled his outstretched arm back to him, the coil of energy tensing and picking Manik off the ground as it did. Manik flew through the air towards the towering dark figure of his opponent. The hand then dissipated leaving Manik twirling uncontrollably on a trajectory towards Fortveisle. Manik reached him; Fortveisle struck him, his plated leg making a powerful high speed kick to Manik’s stomach. Manik stopped moving that instant, bending double around Fortveisle’s leg, choking and spluttering. He hang there for what seemed like an eternity, until the force of Fortveisle’s kick finally struck back. Knocking Manik backwards through the air, followed by him hitting the floor, rolling and lying there...perfectly still.

Fortveisle admired Manik’s limp body with a cruel smile. He slowly started to walk forward, drawing the katana on his back with a slow rasp followed by its beautiful resonating song as it cut the air. I looked from him to Manik and back again, panic seized me. I leapt to my feet running towards Manik, but a sudden force caught me straight in the chest knocking me backwards off my feet, landing in the mud. Fortveisle maintained his course for Manik’s barley conscious body, his footsteps striking more terror in me than any battle drum could. I scrambled to my feet once more. I tried to rush forward to Maniks side, but my arms were seemingly fastened by invisible shackles which then pulled me down to my knee’s. I pulled and tugged, screaming against my bonds. I needed to be by his side! I needed to be in his arms! I needed him! Fortveisle came to a stop in front of Manik, launching a kick into his side causing him to roll onto his back. His face was covered his blood. It was running from his nose and mouth, with a large gash on his forehead, no doubt caused by his violent landing. Fortveisle placed his boot on Manik’s ribs, this prompted groans of agony from Manik. This only made Fortveisle smile, he pressed harder. He leant down closer to Manik, an evil spark shining in his lilac eyes.
“Now time for the climax...”
He held the katana inverted, both hands gripping the hilt with both hands while placing the tip of the blade over Manik’s heart. I struggled harder, writhing against my bonds pathetically.
“Don’t hurt him!” I screamed “I’m the one you want!”
Fortveisle raised the blade so the hilt had reached his chest. Manik lay there weakly squirming beneath his foot, trying to get loose. His head turned to the side to face me, a trickle of blood of blood creeping down from the corner of his mouth to the floor. His eyes met mine, soft and gentle. I saw no fear in him, only that he was trying to tell me something I knew he could never say out loud.
“Rena... I love you.”
I forced a smile to him, all the wonderful memories I had of him spun around my head. The time we kissed beneath that bed while some paladin was smashing down the door, the week we spent together in stranglethorn, the tender moment when he kissed my forehead before I went into hiding. The memories shattered when Fortveisle’s blade shrieked as it fell, Manik shuddered suddenly and then was still, his eyes dim and lifeless.

Fortveisle twisted his blade from side to side and withdrew it from Manik’s now still chest. From behind his right gauntlet he pulled a spotless white handkerchief which he then used to wipe Manik’s blood from the edge of his blade.
“Such a stupid boy...”
He started to pace his way towards me slowly, the sound of his boots making me flinch with each step.
“You could have done so much better my girl...”
I broke my eyes from him Manik’s body, staring at the ground beneath my knees. I felt a heavy metal clad hand on top of my head, ruffling my hair gently. He knelt down with me, putting his mouth next to my ear and whispering to me.
“You’re a white rose in a field of weeds, both beautiful and terrible, despised by those around you because they cannot even comprehend your potential.” The smell of him penetrated my senses, overwhelming me, choking me.
“We are alike, you and me. Garrena” His words were like poison in my ears, killing me inside slowly, softly, sweetly. “We are both flowers in a world filled with weeds, we deserve to be held above the rest!” places his cold hands on my cheeks, bringing my face up so that our eyes met. His eyes hardness had gone, now they were soft, the lilac glow pulsating gently.
“We deserve our Legacy!”
I panicked, pulling my face out of his hands and throwing myself back as far as my shackles would allow me. The soft look in his eyes disappeared. They hardened, a look of pure disgust crossing his face. I looked up at him, shouting as loud as my lungs would allow.
“This isn’t real! It can’t be real! You’re not really here! Manik is out there looking for you right now!”
He laughed at me. The sound made me cringe, as if it was a sound I was not meant to hear.
“This is as real as you want it to be Garrena!” He spread his arms up in the air, as if basking in his own glory.
“All this will happen! I can assure you! Manik will die by my hand and...” A hand of his cloak and feeling of dread came over me. I didn’t want to see what he was about to produce, I didn’t want him to finish that sentence. But he did...

“So will your child...” Fortveisle produced a small bundle, wrapped in a white linen cloth. It did not move or make a sound; it just sat there in the palm of his hand. He tipped his hand slightly so it fell; slowly I saw it fall from his hand plummeting towards the ground below. I couldn’t help but scream as the bundle hit the floor, no cries of pain emerged from it. I lunged forward towards it, trying to pick it up and hold it to my chest, to see if it was truly my little girl amidst those linen folds. My shackles held my hands back, just out of reach. I pulled as hard as I could against the bonds, but still my fingers were but a centimetre from her. Tears streamed down my face, I wanted to hold my baby, to tell her I loved her, to give her the childhood I never had! Fortveisle’s fit of laughter only served to drive me on, if only I could reach that little bit further.
“These events are avoidable Garrena” He smirked “You can stop all this.”
I looked up at him, not trying to look helpless but looking helpless none the less.
“I don’t know what you mean?”
He laughed again; my misery amused him so greatly it only enhanced the sense of hopelessness.
“Surrender yourself to me Garrena, come under my control” The malice in his voice ground against my ear drums “If you surrender now I will spare your lover and you daughter, they will be free to live out their lives together in perfect blissful happiness.”
My heart skipped a beat and a lump caught in my throat. He knelt back down in front of me, reaching out with his hand and stroking my cheek.
“You have one week...”
The ground beneath me suddenly vanished, this time I didn’t panic. I looked up into the blackness at Fortveisle above me as he stood seemingly unaided in mid air. Soon he became just a spec, and then he vanished entirely. I closed my eyes, and lay back. This nightmare was over at least.

My eyes flickered open and I sat right up in my bed. My nightdress was clinging to my body due to the incredible amount of perspiration that was flowing over my skin. I looked around the lodge, nothing was out of place. I looked down into my lap, at my slightly swollen stomach. I gently rested my hand on the growing bump and murmured to it, hoping that somehow my daughter would hear me.
“Haili...Mother is going to look after you...” I pulled the covers around myself and leant back onto the bed.
“By any means necessary!”

The End

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