Any Last Thoughts?

Wind rushing through your ears, ground approaching at an alarmingly fast rate, you breathe what you are sure to be your very last breath and you close your eyes, awaiting the impact of flesh to concrete where your life will come to a close, both dramtically and rather messily. Well, you've lived your whole life like that, why change now? Then again, if you had made the change just a little sooner, you might not be feeling the pulse of adrenaline through your veins as you plummet through the dawn. The chill of the sky whipping across your skin as you fall freely and finally is as stinging as it is reminding you that you are still alive. You remember some stupid quote by Criss Angel that said something along the lines of  "Pain is good, it reminds us we are still alive." Great, you are thinking about Criss Angel in your last seconds of life, the last moments that you will be a member of our ever failing society. That's why I'm here, you think to finally escape the monotonous routines of commutes and lifeless conversations, meaningless tasks we perform because someone has instructed us to do it, no other purpose it serves than to let someone else just coast along without doing one honest day's work in their pathetic meaningless lives. But no one is instructing me now, are they? With a parting smile, you crash headfirst into your rocky resting ground, a light smack heard by people in nearby woods. And there it was. You cease to exist in the company of the living.

The End

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