I wrote this head in the car when we were in the car, out driving one night and it was really foggy~

All I could feel was the world. Vibrations coursing through my limbs. The
atmosphere beating down on my body. The feel of my senses screaming. My fingers were numb on the steering wheel; legs shaking by the pedals;  relief at the cold silvery air touching my sweat filmed skin.  It was all so... unreal.

The dark stormy sky rolled ahead like a painting I was about to crash into. Fat, swelling clouds just blobs of paint streaming down a damp canvas. Something I could just tear away and do over again. But there was nothing I could change now. I was driving into the thick swathing fog, to be swallowed my the fallen rain cloud that now crept like an unfriendly great white on this hard black ocean lined with street lamps.

The headlights of the cars streaming down the other side of the motorway
fell like beams to the ground. I squinted, a shiver passing down my spine as rain began to hail the windscreen like stones pelted at my car. I felt myself pressed my foot down hard on the brake, and the tires screeched as I came to a sudden standstill. Horns blasted all around me as traffic skid to avoid my halted vehicle. That's when my soul blew away with a sudden gasp of wind.

I whirled to find myself standing on the edge of the road, blood roaring in my ears. My feet grazing the rising lip of tar, and the rush of cars drove whisps
of fur to one side. I had become a creature, staring at my own car, at myself sitting dumbstruck, staring out at the rain slick road. My heart bucked like a rodeo bull in my chest. I sucked the sour, stinging air. Without using any time to think my paws carried me out onto the flat surface of the street and I froze right in the middle of the sweeping yellow light. My legs trembled and I stared up the
painted bonnet at my very own colour-drained face.

My ears burned at the horn. I opened my eyes wide until they stang from
my unblinking state. I pulled my arms away from the wheel and shook in the sudden silence. The engine growled as I revved it up; a frosted finger tracing its way up my ribs. Outside, standing like a white-washed statue, a wolf stared at me with eyes of fire. Those shadowed lanterns held more in them than I was prepared to comprehend. All I knew was that in the instant I met the creature's
gaze, that my whole life was about to change.

The End

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