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Lydia has grown out her life, her past memories just that of a nightmare. She dreams of what was, but people tell her otherwise. But she isn't who she has been told. And dark forces are out to get her. And the only ones who can save her- are her family.

Everything was darkness around her. She could hear her own screaming so loud, but she couldn't even open her mouth, trapped in a silence. Words thundered around her mind, ones that had been spoken to her, now lost murmurs. A name... ever so calling...

"Lydia!" The door slid open with a groan in the hinges, letting in the silver light of the hall.

She gasped and kicked the sheets away, pushing herself to a sitting position. Lydia glanced at Skyla standing in the doorway, in her normal maid's dress. The caretaker walked softly over and began to fluff out the blankets, avoiding the girl's gaze.

"Rena has breakfast waiting." Skyla said gently, brushing a lock of her sweet blonde hair behind her ear.

Lydia nodded, clutching her chest. She stumbled off the bed so her nursemaid could finish tucking the sheets down. The dream came again... She thought to herself, watching Skyla trot out once again, and waited for the sound of steps on the stairs before crawling onto her bed again.

Fingers finding the curtain, she pulled it back an inch and peered out with a curious, emerald eye. Outside was the busy town, cars droaning by on the rain-drenched streets, people in suits carried briefcases, street lamps offering dim light onto the pavement. She leaned away and entwined her pale fingers.

Her heart hammered one solid time in her chest, before returning to its regular beat. In her mind, the image of a forest flashed before her. Then she pulled herself away from the window, her breath leaving a mist on the glass pane. Lydia grabbed her dressing gown and wrapped herself with it, then skid out of the door and tumbled down the stairs.

"Lydia, what on Myridian took you so long?" Rena looked up from the cooking pot, her face shaded by her frilly bonnet, but her eyes still burned through.

"Life..." Lydia snapped under her breath, pulling out a chair and sitting down. The other children at the table glanced at her, then avoided her returning glare by looking down to their laps.

A boy with short brown hair put his hand up, and Rena turned to face him. "Yes, Romey?"

"Could I please have a drink?" He mumbled.

Lydia pulled her legs up onto the chair and turned away, head throbbing. The orphanage had a warm, half-lighted look to it. Like a big cottage, with a fire flickering at the hearth, and the sweet smell of stew filling the air. But with every will she wanted to get out, to run free. Adults would come and go, and as soon as they disappear, Rena's hand would slap across Lydia's back. All the other kids knew how to behave around visitors, to make an impression. But Lydia wanted no new parents, so she was the trouble-maker.

"Can you pay attention?" Rena hissed, slapping Lydia's knee.

The girl looked up, green eyes flaring from beneath her fringe of red. She sniffed and took the bowl that Rena was offering her, the heat quickly spreading through her fingers. She settled it in her lap, staring at the bubbling broth. She scented it, bringing it up to eye level, so the steamy liquid reflected in her eyes.

Yuck... She observed the golden pieces of potato poking above the stock, then used her finger to stir it, unearthing bits of carrot and pumpkin, before placing it back on the table.

Rena stomped a foot, her hands on her hips. "Lydia."

"What?" She snarled.

"Eat it, now."

Lydia fixed her with a dark stare, her eyes beginning to glow. She curled her fingers into her palm so her knuckles stretched white. Grinding her teeth, she grabbed the bowl again, staring into it. As she stared, the bubbles began to disappear, and she chucked it at Rena. The cook grabbed it, baring her teeth.

"It's cold." Lydia said.

Rena rolled her eyes. "I only just served-" She held the bowl in her hands. She looked in, and the broth was swirling around, serving no heat.

"Get this cursed monster out of my orphanage!"

The End

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