Then she froze. The man had stopped and seemed to be staring right at her.

He stared stright up at her, his icy blue eyes almost burning into her. He brushed back a strand of bright chestnut, shaggy hair from his eyes and pointed to the moon. The light hit his ring strong enough for her to see a glint from her spot on a low mountain peek. Animals whinned behind her as he started off at a gallop again. He was coming. Again.

She turned to the nervous wolves pacing through the pine trees, their eyes golden and bright."Shh..." She whispered to the youngest, almost a year now. His silvery ears flicked around as the hoofbeats got louder.

She turned sharply on her heels and threw a cover over some of her stolen goods, and tucked an old gun into the back of her ripped, bloody jeans. Like hell he was going to get away with it this time. If he tried anything fancy he was dead.


The man and horse swirved through the tight trees. The three pouches were clutched tightly in his fist as the pair climbed the low slops.


She stared bitterly at where he would surely enough be riding soon enough, half smirking. Then she saw him. long had it been? 6 years? 8? More? He hadn't aged a bit. He still looked like the teenager he had been when she took him in. Noticing a strang silence, she looked down at the wolves who were sniffing the air gently, but not growling this time. But what did she think was going to happen? He was, as everyone in town loved to call him when he was young, the Wolf Boy.

"Evning Mary" He called to her.

The End

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