Chapter 1Mature

Chapter 1


The world is a fucked up place.  

At least that's what my uncle Howard says.

He's told me that society has become a constant struggle for resources, and humanity died out a long time ago.  He doubts that a single person on Earth would hesitate to kill someone else if they knew they could get anything out of it.  It's easier to kill someone else and take what you want rather than trying to go out and find it on your own. 

My uncle likes to constantly remind me that the most dangerous thing in the world is another human, and that I have to make sure to either kill them the right way or be prepared to kill them twice. 

Well, maybe I should fill you in...

Seven years ago something happened, and everyone became carriers of a virus.  No one knows how it happened, and personally I'm not really worried about the scientific details.  All I know is that now, when people die..... they don't.  Normally this would be a good thing, right?  No; wrong answer.  When people come back, it's like their brain is set on animal instinct, and that animal has the most vicious form of rabies you could ever imagine.  That's why we call them "rabids". 

I was 12 during the outbreak.  A bunch of people started running up the road to my parent's farm. They killed my mom, holding her down and tearing the skin from her body with their bare hands.  She died before she could even scream out in pain.  Seconds later she got back up, stumbled to the back deck, and cornered my father.  While the hellish mob mercilessly ripped and clawed him to death, all I could do was watch in a horrified daze from the window of the silo.   Scared to even make a sound, I hid in the grain until they left.

That's when my uncle came and found me.

Apparently, he left his post in his Marine unit when it became obvious that there was no way to stop the outbreak.  A small group of survivors fled Pittsburgh with him, and by the time he got to our farm in Grove City, there were only two others with him.  We found a small stronghold in Mercer and for 18 hours we defended the town.  The dead stopped piling up around sunrise, and that's when we started to rebuild.

A new era of mankind started on that day.  Humans no longer rule the world.  We struggle to survive it.  My uncle is right... The world is a fucked up place, but I've made up my mind.  I, Brayden Lock, will survive it.

The End

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