The dream

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

Though I had gotten little extra sleep, it didn't spare me from any dreaming.

I was in a car. There were very little details, and the only ones I could recall was that the car was white and the seats were gray. The lighting outside was dim; the sun tucked away behind a group of clouds. There was a man driving the car that I didn't recognize, but only I couldn't see his face clearly. His eyes, however, were piercing right through me, making my blood run cold. The more I looked at them, the more I felt myself leaving my own body.

I blinked, and somehow I was out of the car, walking. I dared to look in the car window, strictly out of curiosity. There, in the front seat, he was staring directly at me. I picked up my pace. Feeling his strengthening glare from behind me, my head turned over my shoulder. His eyes were getting closer, it seemed, even though he was still in the car.
However, this fear that had been plunged into me didn't cause any demure on my part. I forced myself to keep going, going faster with each step.

By now, I was so close to being freed from his sight. I could feel it on the tips of my fingers. There was now a little hop in my steps, a grin forming on my lips. But I smiled a bit too soon, for I found myself on the ground, staring into the eyes of that man.


The End

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