The Hunt

Aro slapped a stack of credits down on the table.

"Final offer," he said, glaring at the Kotenok weapons dealer through the slit visor in his shiny new armor. He hated dealing with the flee-ridden tricksters. They were master con artists.

"Fifty?" the salesman responded. "That's all this brand-new, shell-piercing rifle is worth to you?"

"Fifty thousand credits is more than generous," Aro hissed, flicking his tongue across his lips as he did. "If you want more, I need better."

"Well..." the dealer seemed intimidated now, almost scared to push Aro anymore. Good. "I suppose I could set you up with a quality repeater that'll do the job just as efficiently, if not more."

"How accurate?"

"No less than this rifle, and just as powerful. Only difference is the rate of fire." The dealer paused as he lifted a gigantic rifle - which actually seemed small to Aro - with a scope, suppressor, and charging lever. "Ten rounds per minute - not necessarily fast, but then again, do you really want to try and snipe with a machine gun? I think not. It'll get the job done, and it's even perfect for closer ranges."

"Sounds...nice," Aro said. "Let me see that." The catlike being carefully handed the weapon to Aro, and Aro immediately flicked his tongue in delight. This would surely do the trick. "I'll take it," He said. "Seventy-five."



Aro handed over an extra thirty credits and left with his new toy. Normally, he would have just killed the dealer, but he was feeling generous. He loaded the rifle into its box, carefully placed it in the cargo chamber of his ship, and took off. Now came the fun part. The hunt was on.

The End

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