The Ship

I finally know why theres only one 's' in desert. Jericho thought, recalling the old trick to spelling it vs "dessert" while he tried to brush the sand from his brown jacket, gave up took it off and slung it over one arm. If I had my way there wouldn't be any s's.

He reached the gate of the large spaceport city without too much trouble, for all his complaining he hadnt landed all that far away, so didnt nearly die of dehydration and etc. He entered with a bunch of cabilla traders leading their herds of camel-like creatures into the city to sell in the bazaars that made up the trade area. Jericho wasnt interested in cabillas though, he was interested in getting his hands on a ship.

Jostling through the crowds going in and out of the landing field, where thousands of landing pads held ships of different shapes, sizes and classes. The far side of the feild was home to the Capital Starships, big, white and sleek, they were for diplomats and big business owners, they worked out of the Capital, once called Earth. Off to one side were the brightly painted ships of the Lunaii, the peaceable race of tall graceful traders, who's fine work with cloth and gems was known throughout the galaxy. The smaller, spiky ships belonged to the Spectilians, a lizard-like race that came from a dry, dusty planet with few rivers, and were not to be confused with the Salamandarans, which were more amphibious and came from their very watery sister planet. There were many more species and ships than a single person could count, and more were coming in all the time. It would be like trying to find a needle in a pile of space junk to find a single ship in this place.

He wandered up and down the isles, avoiding the landing workers and higher-ups, looking for a ship.

There it was!

Jericho stared at it. It was an old model, at least 20 years out of date, covered in decorative rivets and panels all burnished a coppery bronze color. The entire top third of the ship was glass, a space-proof variety that they didnt make anymore, since it wasnt cost efficient because it never broke. Two wings cut across the ship on each side, narrow, more aimed towards steering than lift. A fin on the back and one beneath near the engine, it looked like a massive fish. Portholes dotted the base below the window, and were surrounded by more rivets. Its engines werent large, but despite the wind resistance of the rivets and the lack of size in the engines, Jericho could tell it was fast. Its name, was the Heliopause.

"I want it." Jericho said to himself. He checked the schedule on the landing pad to see when it would take off and he'd lose his chance. He had three days.

The End

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