Cruel Boss

Bunga took a deep breath and entered the door. Another miserable day at work. Although she loved the job itself, her boss was horrible. He was always yelling and throwing things, and would offer the females higher positions if they would stay a night his house. Bunga never took any of those offers, and thankfully hadn't been fired yet, but she didn't think that would last long, and hoped to have a back-up job when the time came.

But for now, she was stuck in this kitchen. With a smile on her face, she made her way to the stove. Cooking was what she loved most, and she was really good at it. People came from all over town to eat her food. Everybody loved it, and she was proud of herself. But she knew there was more out there, and hoped to find it one day.

As she prepared her supplies, she hummed her favorite song. People nodded and smiled at her. Some even joined her in humming the song. Soon, the kitchen was a happy place. That ended when Sam walked into the room.

Sighing, Bunga heard her boss make his way over to her. Seeing the smile on his face, she knew what he was about to ask. So she braced herself and put on a brave smile.

"Bunga!" he said, walking up to me. "Have I got news for you!"

"Yes? " she asked him sweetly, but knew what was coming.

"I'm going to offer you a new position: Chef's assitent!" His smile was big when he bent down to my ear. "Come over Friday, and we can talk about it over dinner." He said in a stage whisper.

"Sorry. I'm busy then." She said, and turned away from him. She felt a hand grab her wrist.

"You will < i>not reject me this time." He said in a growl. "I will see you friday night." Then he turned and stalked out of the room. Trying to hide her feelings, she smiled at the others on the room. Finishing her stew, she went to the supply room, sat on some boxes, and cried.

The End

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