Antariska, Take 2

A Space Adventure with pirates, good guys, bad guys, secrets and just a hint of romance.

BOOM! Jericho stumbled a little as an explosion rocked the deck of his ship.

"Drat." He muttered, noticing the crumpling of the hull, if it gave way, his ship would succumb to the vacuum of space, taking everything and everyone aboard with it. He checked out a window to see the ship tailing them. "Double drat." He had to get to the bridge. BOOM! another crash and the deck actually sank a little. "Blast!" Jericho cursed, he was running out of mild words. Falling against a door, he pushed it open and grabbed the small communications device hanging on the wall.

"Saturna to Jaucinat, Whats your problem?!" He couldnt be more formal than that.

"Oh Jericho, you dont recognize your old mates, come to take you back home." Said a smooth, slimy voice. The lizard. Jericho struggled to keep his head, and his words tame. The voice on the other end of the phone was none other than Adin Echler, he was human, but there had to be some salamandarian blood in there somewhere, he was the slipperiest pirate in the known galaxy, and he showed no mercy. He had also been apprenticed to the same pirate Jericho had signed under, and eventually inherited most of the small fortune that pirate had amassed. He was also Jericho's first mate. The rest of his crew was on the attacking ship as well.

"Give up Kayne, you've lost this one." Said the radio. There was no reply. Hidden by cloaking shields, one little escape pod floated away to the big desert planet below.

The End

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