Another way to say I Love You

A silly metaphor for my friend based off of a family member's old stories that they told me.

I know you're hurting right now. I know you think you can never be loved. So, my dear, I have a story to tell you.

In New Jersey, there are dandelions everywhere. They are the most common weed with their ability to reproduce quickly and widespread. However, they have this bright yellow flower that stands out amidst the lawns of green. So when you're young, you see this bright and pretty flower and think it to be no different from the other flowers.

Eventually, though, you start to hear people tell you that it's a weed. And that oh, you shouldn't pick that, it's a weed.

And you stand there and stare at the flower in your hand that you thought was pretty and realize that it's not something that you're supposed to like. You learn to ignore the way you thought it was pretty. You learn to think that it's nothing special just like everyone else.

One day, a Japanese family moved to New Jersey. They had never seen dandelions before, and thought they were the prettiest thing. They picked as many as they could from their lawn and filled vases with them. 

All the while, people laughed at them and told them that the dandelions were just weeds, but the Japanese family didn't care. They thought that the flowers were beautiful.

I think that people start out liking themselves as they like dandelions. Innocently and happily. But like they're told that dandelions are weeds, people tell them that they don't have a right to like themselves.

However, a different point of view like that of the Japanese family sees everything differently and knows that the dandelions are pretty, even though they're common.

It's in the eye of the beholder. With the right frame of mind, beauty and ugliness cease to exist.

And you, my dear, I think you are the most amazing thing.

I don't care what you think, I don't care what you've been told.

I think you're perfect.

The End

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