Chapter 1: DawnMature

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"Why do you have to go?" His voice was rough, filled with pain and hurt. She turned to look at him. She was certain my heart would break as she looked into those dark eyes, remembering all the good times. She reached out and took his hand "I have to. You have to trust me, James. I'll find you again one day. I promise." she longed to explain, to tell him why. But he'd never understand. He could  never know the truth. She picked up her bag, biting her lip, barely avoiding running back to him for forever. She started walking out of the door, thinking about all he'd never know. She got in the car, resting her hand on her stomach and wishing she could have at least told him about the life taking shape inside of her. The Laws were in place for a reason... but still. A single tear fell from the corner of her eye as she drove away, refusing to look back.

Dawn Barnes stared at the test in front of her, wondering how she'd ever get this done. She hated tests. No matter how much she tried, she never seemed to do well. She started randomly filling answers, just trying to finish before time was up. When the bell finally rang, she slumped back in her chair as her teacher came and collected the tests. She got up, slinging her bag over her shoulder. The school day was over, and she just wanted to get home. There wasn't any cheer practice today, so she waved to the others and took off at a jog, glad she hadn't decided to where her boots and wore her tennis shoes instead.

Barging through the door of the small apartment, Dawn chucked her backpack onto the floor, yelling "I'm home, Mom!" she went into the kitchen to get something to eat, and then frowned. Laying on the counter was a photo, one she had never seen before. It was her mother and a man, with dark brown eyes that looked a lot like her own. She picked it out. Her mother was smiling, something she had rarely seen, and the man had his arms wrapped around her, and was grinning. They looked so happy and peaceful with each other on that beach, and she wondered why she had never seen it before. Flipping it over, she read I love you. James. She put the picture back on the counter, troubled. She grabbed a bag of chips and walked to the TV, sitting down and flipping through channels until she found one she liked. However, Dawn couldn't focus on the show. All she could think about was the picture. Was this... James her father? Why hadn't her mother ever told her about that picture? All she would ever tell Dawn was that she parted ways with her father and that this discussion was over. Laying back, she pulled out her phone, going to text her friends about this, but decided not too. She didn't want to start any rumors, and she wanted to talk to her mom first. She turned back to the TV, trying to shake her troubled thoughts. Her phone buzzed, and she picked it up. It was from Maria, the head cheerleader. Party at 8, my place. Don't miss it. With a sigh, Dawn got up and went to find her party outfit.

At 8 sharp, Dawn strode into Maria's house, having 'borrowed' the car. She was 18, after all, and could drive. She heard the music pumping and knew that most people would be drunk at the end of the night. She pulled a mirror out of her purse and made sure her bright red hair was pulled up in a neat ponytail. Making sure her clothes weren't wrinkled, she walked through the door. She spotted Maria and waved, making sure the tall blonde knew she was here and hadn't skipped. A hand darted out and seized hers. It was the football quarterback, Luke. He grinned at her, and said "Want to dance?" A smile crept across Dawn's face and she nodded "Why not?" What harm can come of harmless dancing?

Apparently a lot of harm can come of dancing... Dawn thought as a now rather drunk Luke pushed her against a wall, hand sliding under her shirt. He kissed her, though she wasn't enjoying it at all. She would have hit him where it counted, but couldn't. This wasn't how she planned to spend her evening, and when he became more aggressive, she began to get scared. He was far bigger and stronger than her, and she couldn't get him off. She tried to push him off, hands pressed against his chest, but it wasn't working. No one else was paying attention- they were all to out of it from the amount of beer consumed. Time seemed to slow down as heat rushed through her, and she saw her hands turn red, burning a hole in Luke's shirt. He screamed and fell back, hand shaped burns on his shoulders. She stared at him and fled, everyone else there staring. What the hell was that? she wondered. It couldn't be a good sign.

The End

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