My heart hurt, I couldn't breathe. This longing in my chest as I remembered the night before. Had it all been but a dream? The girl? Elijah and Lola's kiss? I felt sick at the thought. 
"Lyra" Flynt's voice pulled me away from my thoughts. "Are you okay, you haven't touched your breakfast?" I looked down, my cereal had all turned to mush as my spoon wondered around the bowl. "Anyway" Flynt said, his mouth full "Elijah and his sister are coming back round today" his sister? I breathed a sigh of relief.
"And Lola?" I inquired. Flynt looked startled at me, then quizzical. "Is she coming over too? she was here last night" I continued. Flynt looked even more puzzled.
"Lyra, She wasn't here last night. It was just us and Elijah and Ophelia, his sister." I stood up. 
"You're wrong" I whispered venomously, then loudly shouted "YOU'RE WRONG!" I ran out the house muttering it over and over again. 

I arrived at Lola's house, wiping the tears from my eyes I knocked at the door. Lola answered, "Oh it's you" she said, bored. "Lola, I..........I" My words failed me. "Whatever" She replied and turned to slam the door. "NO" I shouted and she flung backwards hitting her head on the sofa. Shocked at myself I ran home, what was happening to me? 

The End

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