One vision after anotherMature

"Go upstairs Lyra" Flynt ordered. As I turned to go a knocking sound occurred. Flynt looked startled across at me as Elijah opened the door. Two girls walked in, Lola and a small, blonde girl walked in. She was stunning and she walked over to Elijah, whispering rapidly in another language. I distracted myself by looking at Lola, why is she here? She looked shifty, to be honest I was glad she was there as I was getting scared. It was rising within me and I had no idea what was going on. As the emotion welled up inside me, about to burst, a vision appeared. 

A dark night, a forest. A figure clothed in black, his hood concealing his face. A laugh, a dead body - I did not know whom. He walked towards me, getting closer and I stood there. My scream filled the air. 

"Lyra!" Flynt was shaking me, him and Elijah were bent over me, looking concerned. "Elijah" The pretty blonde girl had a slight accent and was looking ill, clutching to the side. "What's....what's wrong?" I asked. The girl looked at me. "She saw Eagon"  
"Who?" I asked confused. 
"You're weak" said Elijah, picking me up and following Flynt who lead him to the sofa. "Sleep," He whispered gently brushing my hair from my face. Lola came up behind him and held my hand till I drifted off. 

The End

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