The partyMature

Entering the house was like entering another dimension. The house vibe was electric compared with the static stillness between Elijah and me. "Hey" Elijah nudged me "There's Lola, let's go say hi." I hadn't told him that Lola hated my guts so I shrugged and mumbled about getting a drink. He looked taken aback but let me take my leave. 

The party was fun, I danced with Kit and Lucy. That was until the fatal moment. In my dizziness fueled by happiness I turned round and felt my heart hit the floor, shattering into pieces. There was Elijah with Lola and they were, they were kissing! I felt sick, trying to turn round I became glued to the spot as the vision filled my brain.

In the forest, I am disorientated and lost. I hear a rustling noise in the leaves, putting me on edge. Snarling. A snarl echoes. I'm scared. Then it jumps. Leaping at me with teeth snapping at me, I scream. Then something else hits it in the side and they're wrestling with each other. A brown coloured animal and a sand coloured. Are they? like big dogs. Wolves? Too big too be. The sandy one pushes the brown away and stands next to me. The animal looks me in the eye, it's nearly as tall as me. I know those eyes. 

I awoke from my vision on the floor, damn, people will think I got too drunk and passed out. That thought didn't seem appealing. Elijah was standing over me. Lola had her hand on his shoulder, leaning down she whispered in his ear "Look she's okay, come let's dance" Elijah brushed her off. Helping me up he told her "I better get her home though, I'll see you soon." Lola sauntered to him. 
"Call me" she breathed. Elijah nodded and picked me up, carrying me out the room. I felt so exhausted, the vision had been so real. 

In the car Elijah turned to me. "What did you see?" his voice full of urgency. I looked angrily at him. "Take me home" I snapped "I need to see Flynt" He stared back, his expression had turned harsh. "What did you see?" He repeated with venom in his mouth. 

The End

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