Next dayMature

I'm still tired from last night, Flynt's spell may have made me sleep but I'm pretty sure I was tossing and turning. I had visions still filling my brain, people I've never met and Elijah appeared for a short second. Running my hands through my hair I couldn't decipher my dreams. 
"Hey, What's up?" Elijah was looking at me worried. I shrugged at him.
"Bad night, couldn't sleep" I told him. I was confused at why he was worried, it''s like he almost knows about me. I felt like telling him, trusting him, but the only person I ever told apart from Flynt was Lola and, well, I won't make such a mistake again.  
Elijah leaned in to talk to me. "Look, there's a party tonight and do you want to go?" A party? Seriously, he'd only just arrived and had gone up the popularity scale pretty quickly. "Sure" I said, trying to sound casual even though excitement was brimming. He gave me an amused look "You always say sure" He noted "Sure." He seemed to be testing out the word. "Lyra, you are one reliable girl with your sures, I'll pick you up at 8." I couldn't tell if it was mocking or a compliment. Either way I didn't care. 

"Be careful!" Flynt was worrying for me. "We don't know how alcohol affects your power." I rolled my eyes. "Just because your powers go out of control when you're intoxicated." I snapped back. Flynt sighed and sat on the bed, "Right how do I look?" I asked, emerging from the curtain. "Lovely" he replied. Just then the doorbell rang, I glanced at the clock. "8, he's right on time." I fretted. Flynt put his hand on my shoulder to calm me down and went to answer the door. After a minute to compose myself I followed him down to meet Elijah. 
"Ready?" Elijah asked. I nodded, unable to speak, I was so nervous. "This way to the car then." Elijah said leading me out. "Have her home safe." My dad said. 
"Yes, sir" Elijah replied. 

The journey there Elijah tried to make small talk but I was too nervous to fully communicate, also my dreams from last night were still replaying in my mind. "Lyra" Elijah broke another silence, "Are you sure about going, you seem pre-occupied." I looked at him. 
"I'm fine" I said smiling. He still looked anxious. 
"Okay, well we are here." He announced. 

The End

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