Home, sweet homeMature

That evening I dropped everything and laid on my bed listening to music through my headphones, so my family couldn't here my heart sick songs. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts about Elijah that I didn't hear my brother, Flynt, come into my room and sat on my bed. The good thing about home was that Flynt and I were close, he's older than me by 1 year but took a gap year too find out what he wants to do. He's got brains so he helps me with my work. 
"What's up, silver tongue?" He asked. I shot him a glance. Gently laughing and shaking his head he said "Whose the scoundrel?" 
"He's called Elijah, he's new." I moaned, rolling over to sit up I continued "I don't know what to do cause, cause...." I trailed off. 
"Lola." Flynt finished, it wasn't a question and I miserably nodded. We sat there in silence as Flynt and I processed the information. After a while he was asking me questions of what he looked like and making me laugh, chasing away my troubles. 

Yet that night I had a nightmare, I was in a forest. Lost, confused and disorientated. I could feel something watching me. A snarling noise filled the air and another snarl echoed it. I looked around, dazed and confused. As I turned it jumped at me, snarling and showing its teeth. Screaming I awoke, Flynt came rushing in closely followed by our parents. They all looked concerned. "I'm okay." my voice sounded hoarse, my parents nodded as if in a daze. After they had left, Flynt whispered "What was it?" 
"I'm not sure, an animal? I was in some woods." I said. Flynt nodded.
"Let's hope this was a dream and not a seeing." He sounded anxious, he always is when I have had a nightmare. I nodded. "Help me sleep." I begged. His turn to nod and recite a quick incantation to help me sleep. As I fell asleep I wondered if there was more off us, with powers.

The End

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