Standing out the front was Lola, why did Elijah have to pick here of all places?  She always looks jumpy now, never fully saying what she feels. Hiding too much behind her flakiness of commitment. Elijah must of sensed me tensing up for he grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear "Are you okay?" I looked up at him and took his hand off my arm, smiled and said "I am perfectly fine. Come meet my friends" In hindsight this sentence seems forced but nothing prepared me for what came next. 

Lola came over to us and looked at Elijah, "Hey" She breathed "I'm Lola" I nearly vomited, Elijah then introduced himself. I slipped away, I'd heard enough. I did not want to hear Lola be a sycophantic groupie. Reaching the people who were actually friendly towards me in the group is like breathing fresh air. "Whose the new guy?" Kit asked me.
"He's called Elijah" I told him.
"He's pretty hot" said Lucy. I rolled my eyes and looked over to Elijah, Lola was holding his arm laughing. "What a floozy" I muttered. Kit and Lucy gave me a look. "What?" I asked "You clearly like him" responded Lucy. 

The rest of the day seemed like a blur, I was busy with thoughts circling my head that many a time I forgot to show Elijah where to go. Just as I was leaving last lesson to go home Elijah caught me by the arm. "Hey, is everything alright?" how many times has he asked this question? And does he have any sense of personal space? I pushed him back as gently as I could. "I am fine, do you know the way to the bus?" He shook his head. "Follow me, it's on my route out." He looked perplexed at my bluntness, but obeyed. 

The End

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