Late. Again. I looked at the time again for conformation. I can't believe it. Every Thursday, with a few exceptions, I manage to always make it late to chemistry. I curse under my breath, 8:49, I will not make a 10 minute walk into a 1 minute. No power on this earth could do that.

I sneak into the chemistry class, but, as always I'm caught. Today I'm taken aback, my seat has now been filled by someone else, a new person. I mean our class is always full with too many people anyway and now there's another? He has messy curly hair, blonde and is casually sitting in my seat. "Lyra, go sit down" I wrench my glare from new boy to my teacher. "Yes Nina." I say. I have no choice but to sit next to this new person.

Sitting down I smell the aftershave on him, honestly did he have to put on so much? I nearly gag at the smell. "Hi, I'm Elijah." He whispers to me, his dark brown eyes staring at me. It put me slightly on edge but I wasn't going to let him know that, instead I put on my smile face - it gets me through anything. "Hi Elijah, I'm Lyra" His name felt different in my mouth. Sweet and new. 

After the lesson, Nina made Elijah and I stay after. "Now Lyra" explained Nina "Elijah is in your lessons and you are going to be showing him around." I looked at Elijah who was surprisingly tall compared to me. "Sure" I replied. We walked out the classroom. 

"Where do you want to go first?" I asked. He shrugged "I know my way around but I don't know anyone, where do you hang out?" I shrugged back "No where in particular, I know people who are in the shop, art, science center, humanities center and live by the library, sometimes they even go in there." He laughed which made me feel pleased. "Well we haven't got long let's see the library friends first." He smiled at me which sent shivers across me that I hadn't been expecting. Get a grip, Lyra. I told myself angrily. There was no way I was falling for Elijah. "Sure" I replied, forcing a smile. 

The End

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