Lyra is a teen girl waiting to get out of town when along comes Elijah, a new boy, unfortunately Lola has her eye on him.

It's interesting, isn't it? One day your best buddies with someone, the next day they can't bare to look at you or acknowledge your presence as a person on this planet. I mean I know I am not that great, I spend a lot more time at home being anti social than I used too. I have definitely stopped trying in this friendship malarkey, since, well, since they all turned out to not be my friends. 
Except my friend Lola, I was so grateful she still spoke to me. We used to be joined at the hip in secondary school and things had been rocky at college but suddenly it was a bit like old times, unfortunately this didn't last long.

I still am not quite sure what happened, I know it was my fault, but it is a bit like I've become a ghost, Lola hates my guts and in a twisted way I guess she has treated me like I treated her when our friendship was rocky the first time. Yet, unlike me, she won't sort it out. This does dampen the mood of this story and that sentence made me sound pompous, I am sorry. 

However instead of crying about it, I, well, act as if nothing is wrong and then sometimes cry at night. Mainly because of this damned pillow she gave me, which is now in the loft. Anyway our lives of ignoring each other took a turn when Elijah came to college. 

The End

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