another rant

This rant is directed towards my guy-friend who I must say needs to learn his limits.

Dear mat, 

what the hell? You know that I get really uncomfortable with people touching me. You know that I hate people touching me when I don't want them to. If I tell you to stop, you'd better stop. If I tell you to stop and you keep on going, don't be surprised if I loose it at you. I thought I could trust you, I really did. What ever happened to respect? Jesus mat, how can you expect me to trust you when you do stuff like that. That isn't right to ask that of me, to trust you when you do stuff like that. I'm really sick of it, I'm sick of feeling like you're using me. I'm so sick of you making sexual jokes about me. I"m sick of you taking me for granted. I feel really violated by you. What you did last night was not acceptable, and even worse you did it three times even after I'd asked you to stop. I don't care what you think, if I tell you not to touch me there you should respect that and stop. No, I'm not going to ignore it like I've ignored everything else because I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it all, I"im sick of you. Bastard. 

have fun with you're little fantasy that the world revolves around you, 


The End

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