Chapter 18.

The ink black sky stretches out above my head as I walk through the woods, following the glowing lights from a shack nearby.

Standing along the clearing I let my eyes soak in all of the wonderful sights that Hogwarts has to offer. I can't wait to explore each and every corner of these grounds!

"Wha' you doin' 'ere?"

Startled, I pivot back towards the forest. Adrenaline in my veins, ready to run if need be.

In front of me is the largest man I have ever seen, with the mad whips of his matted hair and beard giving him at least another couple of foot.

"I'm a new student here. Lexie Destry." I speak clearly, a swish of my wand and my bags move out from the woods and head in the direction of the school.

"Well, student' aren't allowed in 'he Forbidden Forest mind you... wai' Destry  did you say you name is?" The giant man moves closer, the moonlight eliminating his broad features. I nod, slowly walking out of the forest, following my bags. "Ah. I see 'hen. No ma''er who you are, you can't be he'e. Already la'e for 'he sor'ing I spose. 'he name's Hagrid, Keeper of Keys of Hogwarts."

"Nice to meet you Sir."

A low chuckles comes from the big man, his cheeks reddening, causing me to smile.

It didn't feel like much later we were walking through the castle gates where a tall, thin, man stood by the door dancing slightly to some unheard tune.

"Alas Hagrid! Thank you for retrieving young Lexis here, I believe she must have gotten mixed up upon her arrival." His eyes sparkled as he smiled at Hagrid, who once again redden his face before muttering a few goodbyes before heading back to his hut.

I watch him leave, smiling.

"Interesting how a student who has just got here has already broken many of the school rules. I’m Professor Albus Dumbledore, I am very much looking forward to see what type of student you will be. Try to stay out of trouble long enough so that I can find out will you?"


I nod, hanging my head slightly. How was I meant to know that I wasn't meant to be in the forest? Stupid Ike, telling me that it would be okay. What will happen now?

"Sorry Sir. I did not- did not know."

Will he kick me out as punishment?

Soft chuckles cause me to raise my head at the man.


“Be careful, rules are there for a reason. But sometimes it is worth it for the right reasons.” He smiles gently down at me, his eyes sparkle with cheeky wisdom. “Make sure it’s worth it.”


I raise an eyebrow up at the Professor. Does he know? No, he could have figured it out, I have only said a handful of words to him…


“Now I think it’s time to start your journey.” The professor walks past me, lightly pushing the thick golden doors, causing them to swing open and a rush of rich foods and different voices slam into me.


As we walk down the Great Hall, the noise quietens to murmers and the hushed gossiping of teenagers. My eyes land on Sirius Black, his eyes laughing. I scowl at him, straightening my posture, powering my strides. No one is going to think of me as weak here. Not Black, not anyone!


 “Welcome, to Hogwarts!”

The End

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