Chapter 17.

Dweeble smiles at me, distracting my thoughts of Ikes’ departure.


I have to meet with all of them soon. Really soon.


And if the Death Eaters truly are gathering up their numbers then that means I need to do the same. I can’t let this go on too long.


I smile at Dweeble, my best and most loyal friend.


“I want to help. I can help.”


My smile stretches across my face slightly but quickly disappears and is replaced with an expression more grave.


“I know Dweeble. Thank you, but you have helped enough already with all you have done for Anomaly and on behalf of every member, you have my honour and great respect.”


Dweebles’ smile splits her face in half as tears fills her eyes once again.


I put my hand on her shoulder and kneel to her level.


“Do you think that there would be any chance of freedom tonight?” A flash the small house elf a sneaky smile and she gives me a thoughtful look.


She nods slowly, uncertain of my family’s plans.


I walk over to the corner of my room, moving my package onto my bed and smiling at it with excitement.


“I shall be using this tonight then.” I say, smiling broadly at the little house elf.

After a while of staring at my post in silence, memories of outside start to sink in.


What are my family doing to that poor women?


Have they let her go?


Or have they killed her?


A cold chill runs down my spine as I know that the unknown women is probably dead, or has been sent into insanity like so many others before her.


I bite my bottom lip, worry and guilt filling my body.


Dweebles  hand goes on my arm, comfort in her massive eyes.


“Guess I should get out there.” A false smile appears on my face as I move past Dweeble and unlock my door.


I inhale deeply, hiding my true feelings under a façade before walking out onto the landing.

The End

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