Chapter 16.

I giggle slightly, then stop when the realization of how serious the situation is.


“Right, what have you found out?” I cross my legs, my attention fully on Ike, the tiredness that I recently felt vanished.


A dark glint flashes in his eyes, a grave look crosses his face but is quickly gone.


“The Death Eaters are trying to round up more of us. Every day, more of my kind follows them off into the moonlight and that’s not the worst of it.” I place my hand onto Ikes’ shoulder, feeling the sorrow from his voice wash over me.


“They are getting muggle children on the full moon and leaving them in the same room as those of my kind who have joined the Death Eaters.” His pupils shake, the only indication that it hurts him.


“Okay… This puts a new perspective on things.” I bite lip as my mind races to new thoughts, new ideas. I can’t let them do this to innocent children, even if they are Muggles. It’s just not fair.


“Ike. What do they know about your cover so far? What things have you done?”


I look deep into his eyes and feel the horror of his actions and soon I am regretting my inquiries, my orders.


I swallow deeply and square my jaw, bottling up my feelings tightly so I can think more clearly.


“We need to have a meeting. And soon.” Ike nods, a small smile touching his lips, my tone of voice is abrupt.


After a short time of silence, I stare into Ikes’ face, noticing his thoughts are traveling back to my earlier questions about his double life.


“I’m sorry Lexie. They wouldn’t of trusted me if I didn’t join them, even with your family backing up my alibi...”


“Ike, don’t. I know that you did it for the good of our cause. We all have to do things that we know believe we shouldn’t do. We need to remember that even though we have to suffer through all of this injustice, we will be a part of getting rid of the Dark Lord and all of his good for nothing followers!”


He laughs slightly, stroking my cheek lightly with his fingertips.


“You’re so strong Lexie, and this is why you’re Anomaly’s’ leader, Raven Lee. We all need you otherwise our organization wouldn’t work.” We both giggle slightly. I love knowing that, to some people, the name Raven Lee is whispered in hushed tones. Our laughter is soon interrupted by a loud pop erupting through my bedroom.  


Our eyes dart towards the direction of the noise.


“I’m so sorry Miss… Lexie. They’re asking for Mister Ike. I dunno what to say…”


Ike jumps onto his feet quickly.


“I have to go.”


I open my mouth to stop him, but he winks with his right green eye taking my breath away slightly as his orange eye sparkles with mischief.


He leans towards me, lips brushing my cheek before stepping away.


 “Look for my owl.” He disappears into smoke, leaving me staring at the place where he was just standing.

The End

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