Chapter 15.

I shake my head slightly, still unable to block out the images of the unfortunate woman on the second floor of this unstable house, much less talk to Ike.


He pulls me closer into a one arm hug. I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head on his chest.


“Sorry about ignoring you down there…” His voice is soft but deep and I know him well enough to tell that what is happening in the spare room is still affecting him too.


“Don’t worry. I get it. They can’t know.” I mumble, closing my eyes and listening to his heartbeat.


A loud scream breaks through the room; my eyes squint together as my grip tightens, causing me to bury my head in Ike’s chest.


A sigh passes through Ikes’ lips as he strokes my hair softly. I wince despite myself as his fingers touch my sore scalp.


Another scream erupts through the house.


“I’ll get it.” Ike whispers, giving me one last hug before he takes out his wand from an inside pocket and walks towards the door.


I wrap my arms around myself as Ike uses his wand to block out all the sound from outside.


“Dweeble.” I whisper her name, seeing her appear in front of my eyes with a pop and a worried smile on her face.


“Make sure you can still hear me, Ike is soundproofing the room again so keep an ear out for me and if they come up near, or ask for me, please come get me.” I nod to my best friend, watching her smile brightly to me before vanishing with another pop.


I stare out of the cracked window, seeing grey nothingness.


Ikes’ arms wrap around my waist from behind, holding me tightly.


“So, what’s new with you?” Ikes voice sounds more comfortable but still slightly strained.


“Well, got kicked out of the Three Broomsticks again, so nothing.” A small laugh passes between my lips. “What about you?”


“I have gotten into a few more fights, you know, once in a full moon.” We both smile at each other, my eyes closed as I lean my head against his shoulder, his arms tightening around me as he pulls me closer.


“What’s that?”


“Hmm?” I can feel sleep start washing over me, trying to take me prisoner.


“The package by the corner? Looks like you haven’t touched it.” I can hear the curiosity in his velvet voice as it reaches my ears, his warm breath on my neck.


I open one of my eyes with great regret. The big package is leaning against my bedroom walls, but I’m too tired to become so intrigued that I rip the brown wrapping off in the haste that it deserves.


“It came today when I was out. It’s my new broomstick. Octa Wanuga specialized it for me.” I mumble, closing my eyelids again and turning my head to the other side, snuggling closer to Ikes’ chest.


“Cool! Wait, what one’s Octa? Is she the one of the fiery red hair and a sharp tongue?”


I giggle slightly at Ikes’ description of Mrs. Bloom, Octas’ mad neighbor. 


“No, she’s the one who kept calling you a dog and telling you to stand outside.” I smile, remembering that day.


“Oh, I know who she is now.”


I move away from Ike, laying down on my bed. I can feel a weight add onto it too, making me open my purple eyes to see Ikes’ green right eye and his hazel left hiding under his scruffy blonde fringe.


“Good time to get to business don’t you think?” I smile, quickly ignoring the curios looks Ike is giving me.


“Lexie Destry, I thought you’d never ask!”


The End

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