Chapter 14.

My eyes dart to Dweeble, horror reflecting on both of our faces.


In seconds, I run through the kitchen door, trying to locate the woman’s screams of terror, hearing my brothers’ excited mumble behind me as they slowly stroll after me.


I fly up the staircase, bursting through the spare room on the left, with the paint peeling off the door and terrible screams coming from inside.


In the doorway, I stand frozen from shock, my mouth hanging wide open.


A large woman is tied up by someone’s incarcerous spell. And she’s covered in sweat and cuts all over her shaking body.


I stare into her hazel eyes, hearing them screaming for help.


My eyes turn to my mother, her wand twirling around her fingers playfully, a menacing look on her face as my father points his wand at their prisoner to keep the magical ropes tightly around her.


I can feel my brothers crowding around me, hearing their laughs echoing in my ears at the sight of the poor woman being tortured by our parents in front of our eyes.


I gape at her, unable to stop.


She screams loudly, her veins popping, as my Mother curses her again.


“…Help…me…” The victims’ voice is quiet with pain and fear, cracking as her eyes plead me for a release, a thick trail of blood running from her squished nose and down her large chin.


A strong hand curls around my shoulder, pulling me away from the front of the doorway and causing me to bump into all eight of my brothers who hardly notice as they are too engrossed in our parents torturing the defenseless witch in one of our spare rooms.


The hand tightens, turning me around and tearing my eyes off of the poor woman.


With a tingly feeling, Ike apparatus us away from the room and into mine.


A stern look is on his face, his jaw locked.


There’s something sinister about the look in his eyes. He’s still holding onto my shoulder tightly. His face leans closer to mine so I can feel his breathe on my cheek.


“Are you okay?”

The End

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