Chapter 13.

“No change here then.” Our guest smirks, showing his pearly white teeth as his eyes sparkle under his messy blonde hair.


“Ike! How’s it going man?” Rickys’ smooth voice reaches my ears along with the sound of many chairs being scraped across the tiles noisily.


The new addition to the room takes his eyes off of me as he slaps Ricky on his back, laughing with my brothers.


He’s right, nothing and no one has changed in this house at all.  Never will. That’s the way it is.


I sigh deeply as all the attention turns, thankfully, away from me and onto Ike.


Getting slowly onto my feet, ignoring the slight dizziness that has suddenly risen inside of me, and using my abilities around my body to keep me steady. I chew my bottom lip as I look Ike up and down, studying him, trying to work out why he is here.


He is just like I remember him; tall, handsome, muscular, amazing wise eyes, beautiful lips, strong jaw, messy hair and only the slight sight of his dreadful scar peaking out from behind his left ear.


I walk towards the table, carefully avoiding my eight brothers and Ike in the process, and sit down at the seat furthest away from the boys.


Grabbing a slice of goblin grape pie, I take a forkful, pretending not to eavesdrop over them.


“So Ike, had a mouthful of any muggles recently? Bet you’ve taken a huge bite out of the vermin society!” Blake asks in an empty voice, a strange sparkle of evil in his dark eyes.


The sides of Ike’s lips twitch slightly.


“You have haven’t you?! What did it feel like when you sank your teeth into them, taking their life?” A new life shines through Blake’s eyes, obviously excited, but his voice staying deadpan.


My eyes narrow slightly as I chew another forkful of goblin grape pie, wondering what Ike will reply.


Has he really done what is running through Blakes mind? He couldn’t… Could he?


Ike locks eyes with me briefly, opening his mouth to reply to Blakes questions, when a loud bang erupts in the room.


My fragile house elf stands in the center of the room looking nervous and avoiding any eye contact. 


“What do you want?!” Jerrimian spites harshly, everyone’s faces turned venomously towards Dweeble.


Her bottom lip trembles, her pupils quiver. “Mistress Destry…. Horrible… Terror… Horrible…”


A vibrating crash shakes the kitchen along with a hideous scream, leaving us all standing in silence.

The End

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