Chapter 12.

I tighten my jaw as I see all my brothers sitting at the long, wooden, table. The youngest of my brothers; Bruce and Felix Destry, stuffing their faces and laughing with everyone as my eldest brother tells them about the latest Muggle family that he’s terrorized.


“They were screaming, tell me to stop. Saying they’ll do anything, give me anything! Can you believe that? So I said to them, ‘Why would I want your filthy Muggle things?’ After a while, I started to tease them. You know, a game of cat and mouse.” Jerrimian laughs like a weasel, wiping a tear from his golden eyes, as the rest of my brothers’ roar with him.


“Socialize with your brothers!” My Mother hisses into my ear before pushing me further into the kitchen.


I frown at them, wondering how I came to be the black sheep in this family.


My eyes scan around all five of the young men as they grow quieter, eyes narrowing as they notice me.


I breathe deeply, trying to ignore their judging looks and their sneers.


“Well look who it is. How’s it going sis?” Jerrimian asks, an eerie smile on his handsome, thin, face.


I shrug slightly, my eyes flashing quickly onto the floor, not wanting to make eye contact. Not wanting them to see me. Not wanting to be there.


A chair squeaks across the kitchen marble flooring, making me cringe as Jerrimian struts forward then slowly around me.


A few, silent moments he just stands there knowing full well that curiosity is building inside of me driving me mad.


A hard slap hits into my back, a groan escapes my lips as I wince as white hot pain runs up and down my spine, stinging the cuts that I’ve gotten earlier from my Father.


Jerrimians’ laugh barks into my ears, echoing through my skull with my other brothers laughs.


“Still the same old same old.” Jerrimian laughs, poison on the tip of his tongue, his voice slicing through me. “Are you looking forward to heading to that muggle loving school?” Another roar erupts from my brothers yet again, keeping me feeling like an outsider.


“What’s it to you? You’re going to be terrorizing muggles and mudbloods whilst I’m doing something productive.” I mumble, trying to ignore the growing sensation of anger.


Silence hangs thickly in the air.


“Productive?! Productive?!” Jerrimian produces a disgusted laugh, his piercing gray eyes zone in on me, failing to have the shell shocking effect on me that it does with most people. “What I do is productive! I get rid of those diabolical mudbloods as well as the good-for-nothing muggles!” The rest of my brothers agree with horrid insults. “I get rid of those infestations while you are at school, learning spells and singing ridiculous songs at that muggle-loving, mudblood school!” A vein on Jerrimians forehead starts to bulge on his pale face as his pupils shake with anger.


“Bite me!” I grumble, making Jerrimian square his jaw and ball his fists.


“You are so pretentious! Attacking people who can’t defend themselves, so how does that make you productive? It makes you a coward!” I yell, glaring Jerrimian right in the eye.


He slaps me hard on my right cheek, making me fall to the tiled flooring, water filling my eyes and rolling down my cheek. I quickly brush it away as I try to calm myself down before my abilities suddenly start working uncontrollably.


A pair of black hypocrite beak shoes appears by my face.


I slowly raise my eyes up from the shoes, past the dark green skinny jeans, until I’m staring at the tanned face and strong jaw of our new guest.

The End

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