Chapter 11.

Walking slowly out of my room, minding my steps, trying not to make any noise.


My heart’s beating as fast as a humming bird, my mind working on overtime as I cling to my wand tightly. Fear gripping my veins.


I peer over the crooked staircase to see the piecing purple irises of my mothers’ cold eyes.


I suddenly jump back when her eyes narrow, my heart beating overtime.


“Don’t mess with me girl! Get down here now!” The dusty pictures shake as her voice bounces violently of the walls, hitting me.


Dweeble’s face peaks around the corner, her eyes bulging, and terror shaking her tiny figure.


I lock eyes with her, calming myself down after deep gasps of icy air.




Taking the stairs two at a time, I stumble, trying to get to the landing as soon as possible.


I lick my chapped lips nervously, attempting not to make eye contact but still trying to be respectful.


Her tall figure leans over me, not saying a word. She doesn’t need to, knowing that she is scowling down at me with eyes that are so similar to mine scares me enough, feeling me with dread. Her eyes aren’t the only things that match my features, we look alike in everyway but yet we are so different.


“Look at me.”


I bite my lip, looking down at her feet that are covered in her new red cloak, unable to look at the similarities between us any longer.


A tight grip clings to my shoulder as my mothers sharp fingers dig deeply into my skin.


I wince tightly as water fills my eyes, threatening to spill over.


“I saidlook at me!” She hisses calmly into my ear as she pulls my face up to hers by my hair. A warm tear rolls traitorously down my cheek.


Her steel like grip tightens, ripping my hair for my scalp.


A thin smile appears on her face.


“Now here’s the fun part.” She flashes me a sparkling white smile and drags me off towards the kitchen in a few steady steps, the blood drains from my face as my mind flips through every horrible scenario that could await me beyond the door.

The End

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