Chapter 10.

Darkness, so much darkness.


Eyelids heavy and head throbbing. Oh, what did I do?


My eyes flutter open, showing a dark ceiling close to my face.


I put my hand forward to touch the broken panes; suddenly it feels like I’m falling rapidly as I close my eyes. I open them slowly again and see the ceiling looking far away, like it normally does.


Groaning and rubbing my eyes as images of what happened in the living room come flooding back to me like some delayed slideshow.


Eerie flashes present themselves in front of my closed eyes as the wind outside roars through the wooden ceiling of the old attic.


“Mistress Lexie.” That small croaky voice. Dweeble? Is that really my house elf?


The smell of damp, rotting oak fills my nostrils


Silent images of those cruses which Black made hit her over and over again, hunts my mind.


“Mistress Lexie, are you awake?” Louder this time I hear.


Poor, poor, house-elf. I can see the blood seeping through her cuts from those bolts of light.


“Mistress Lexie!”


My eyes snap open to see the small creature’s big eyes right by my face.


“Dweeble?” My throat is dry as I sit up, looking up and down my tiny friend by my bed.


My eyes stay on the bloody bandages, filthy with dirt, on her arms.


“Mistress Lexie, what is the matter?” My eyes look into hers.


“Sit down here.” I pat the bed by my side I reach under my pillow for my wand.


A slight weight is added onto the bed, as I turn back I see my friend looking sheepish with a thin smile.


Her eyes bulge slightly at the sight of my wand but does not say anything, does not do anything.


“Stay still, it might hurt a bit but it’ll be over soon.” My voice is soft as I slowly unwrap her bandages. I hold my wand tightly, looking from the wound to her boney face.


“It should be cleaned first, so it may sting.” She nods, trusting me and closing her eyes. “I’ll do it as quickly as I can.”


“Thank you Mistress Lexie.”


“You know you can just call me Lexie.Aguamenti!”  A small bit of water comes out of my wand and onto the skinny arm, washing the dirt out of Dweeble’s wound making her groan.


“Episkey!” Quickly, I know –from experience- that her arm is going from being very hot to very cold but at least it’s healing.


“One down. How are you feeling?” I stroke her tiny arm, seeing that it’s healing quickly.


The house-elf slowly opens her eyelids to see the wound healing. A watery smile appears on her face as she unwraps her other two wounds for me to fix.


“I’m feeling better Mis…Lexie.”


“Good.” I smile back at her then do it all again, washing and closing her injures.


Her thin, boney arms wrap around my neck as her tennis ball-like eyes shimmer with tears of happiness.


“The package has come Lexie!” My eyes scan the room to see a long brown package in the corner. Excitement thrills me.


“I can’t believe it’s here! My very own….”


“Girl get down herenow!” My Mother’s voice, like nails on a chalkboard, yells up the unstable-looking staircase.


I share worried glances with the small creature by my side as my blood runs cold, like icicles creeping up my spine and holding it in its frostbitten embrace.


“Girrrrrl!” Another shriek smashes through the house, destroying any hope in my body just like a Dementors fearful kiss.

The End

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