Chapter 9.

  “Stupify!” David Broomwell Destry yells over the indoor storm sending a jet of red light my way, but as the inside storm gets rougher, my Fathers aim gets worse, making the jet of red hit the place where my feet just were just  inches away from where they are now.


A flick of my hand sends David Broomwell Destry flying against the wall and the Death Eater that called me stupid went through the window sending glass everywhere.


“Diffindo!” Black yells but from the impact of the tornado, the wind causes his wand to aim not at me but at the small creature clinging for dear life onto my numb hand.


He yells it again twice, both times hitting Dweeble and causing her to have multiple cuts where the jet of light met with her oily skin.


Both my Father and Malfoy struggle to stand, both have their wands aimed at me from different sides.


“Stupify!” Both jets of red light attacks me from both sides causing the tornado to disperse as I fall to the ground, trying desperately to grip onto conscious while my eyes and nails turn back to their original colours.


I can sence Dweeble calling my name but I’m too far into the darkness to reply.


Boots are in my blurred sight. Fathers boots.



The End

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