Chapter 7.

"What has this Girl got to do with the plan? She's still at school. Defiantly not educated enough." The dark skinned Death Eater tutts loudly.


I can feel my face becoming red again. He's calling me stupid, well, I'll show him!


My purple eyes flicker to my Father who nods to me no longer looking at Mr. Black, but his hand is still firmly around his eleven inch, ash, wand.


"Remember what we have perfected. This gentlemen, is the reason why she is part of the plan. Show them Lexie." The words come smoothly out of my Fathers thin mouth.


I smile, my anger quickly turning into pure bliss, partly because I love using my abilities and partly because my Father rarely uses my name to address me.


I nod and stand more to the middle of the fireplace, my back straight, and my legs getting hot from the flames. To be fair, I haven't perfected anything. But my control has been improving with every practice.


My sandy blonde hair starts to move as if a light breeze is blowing through it. My nails change colour to be a beautiful dark, midnight, blue. This always happens when I use my abilities, don't know why but it's pretty cool so I am not



Around the room, the air current starts to pick up, making every ones robes flap as the wind directs them to its own wish.


I smile slightly as I hold out my strong right hand, palm up.

The End

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