Chapter 5.

I look around at the Death Eaters; all their faces are the same. They've got the same glaring faces, their eyes deadly dark. All of them seem to be sneering at me, looking like I'm dirt under their expensive dragon-hide shoes.


It's not surprising thanks to what happened when I was born, but I'm used to these looks from my own family, the odd people in Hogsmead and from the students at Beelractiars. But that doesn’t mean that I like them.


My father points to the fireplace, not taking his eyes off of me; he's one of the few who can look me in the eyes. I'm not used to this much attention from him; it's unsettling. My head nods and go over to it anyway.


The normal stuff's on the mantle is normal; well, normal for this family. One picture of my grandmother’s home -Old Dames Cottage- a dark and eerie place where no birds sing, even the sun seems to of given up on that place. It's always dark, always cold.


Like all of the pictures in the Wizarding World, this one moves. Not very much, but after a while the shadows seem to move.


A dusty old chest is also on there. It contains the vilest of magical insect, so my eldest brother tells me. I haven't opened it myself and I have no intention to either.


A few black candles, a couple of cursed rings that another one of my brothers has decided to put there for 'safe keeping' as he calls it. That's a lie. He just likes to see Dweeble get cursed every time she cleans up there.


And, of course, there are the ornaments. Dark ornaments that have been passed down through the Destry family for centuries.


There is a very special, very precious, extremely dark, crystal ball that has a blood red dragon inside. It is made out of the most rarest and expensive stone known to magic kind.


Like most magical things, the little red dragon moves. It comes alive and becomes just like a real dragon, fire and all, and the crystal ball moves at times too. It mostly spins. But inside the crystal, it's dark, dark like the blackest smoke,

trapped in the globe.


My family prize this ornament over the many others because of its past. It was used to curse anyone who touched it, it also lured whoever caught its gleaming smooth smokey surface, and they were bought into a sudden trance until they were driven into madness.


I got Dweeble to use her magic to be a sort of counter curse so it doesn't work unless Dweeble makes it so. Another reason why my family don't like me.


I look in-between the Dragon Crystal and the chest to see a heavy envelope with my name written neatly on it.


I frown and stare at it, I don't recognize the hand writing and the only mail I've gotten in the last two weeks has been my Hogwarts letters. And I'm not expecting a reply from anyone as I haven't sent any letters myself. Hmm, wonder who it's from?


I look around at the Death Eaters, seeing all of their blank faces. I resist the urge to roll my purple eyes. A sigh escapes through my parted lips and flick my fingers. Suddenly the envelope rises up into the air and zooms towards me, as well as making the envelope fly inches away from my face, my red nails are turning slightly bluer.


I turn the envelope around, using the air to do so, and sense something from within the thick packaging. I can do that sometimes but it's very hard, I can tell most of the time if whatever is inside has a strong power to it like this letter.


I narrow my eyes a little then look to my Father, feeling angrier, my eyes widening back to normal. "It's jinxed." I say, seeing no surprise in my Fathers face and feeling the blood rush to my face in annoyance.


"As soon as I...someone, opens it, they'll get jinxed." I carry on using the air around me to put the jinxed envelope back on the mantle, where it once was.


I know that jinx is meant for me. I know they wanted to see me get jinxed! No needs to ask why, all Death Eaters are cold blooded psychopaths, including the ones in my family.

The End

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