Chapter 4.

He's sitting in his best armchair with four men in dark but expensive clothing, sitting in separate armchairs in a semi-circle around the roaring fire in the ancient fireplace.

 I swallow deeply as I stand awkwardly in the middle of them, in front of the fire place, but closet to my Father. My face is shadowed, not only by the flickering fire, but by my long sandy blonde hair.

 I start to chew on my bottom lip, my fingers nervously fiddling with the red and blue emeralds on my thin pure silver ring at my sides, as my father scowls at me from his favorite armchair.

 "What did you hear Girl?" His tone is rougher than usual, which doesn't mean his voice is never rough but whenever he's with others he becomes harsher towards me. Only me.

 "Nothing. Sir." I say, my voice clear but barley above a whisper, as I look him straight into his cold grey eyes. He raises a graying eyebrow, his features emotionless on his large face. I look at what he's wearing, black robes with expensive green silk for the detail and dragon-hide boots. His meeting must be important if he's wearing green.

 My father nearly never wears green, the only time he does is when he is meeting someone important. Very important. I know what kind of men these middle aged wizards are, even without looking at their wrists.


They are Death Eaters, followers of the Dark Lord, like all the rest of my family. All apart from me that is.


David Bromwell Destry, my father, leans forward in his chair, the fire lighting up his face in a deadly threatening manor.


"That's right. You heard nothing. Now go. Doom us with your presence no more Girl. Get out." He says quietly, his eyes livid, in a short outburst of rage.


I wince and bow my head lower. I quickly turn, desperate to hurry out of the living room. My dark purple robes trail after me over my Muggle clothes that I was wearing on the train. But, I do not get the chance to escape; I never do, not in this house that is.


"Wait." I turn back to my father, resentment starting to show on my tanned face. "Something came for you today Girl." I exhale deeply, trying to hold in my anger that is starting to boil through my veins.


I hate him! Hate him so much!

The End

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