Another Potter Fanfic

Fan Fic!!!
This is a Harry Potter based fan fic set in the era when James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Lilly Evan, Petter Pttigrew and etc.
So hope you enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Chapter 1.

I drum my long, blood red, nails on the window pane as I stare out of the dirty window. My mind traveling into some of my wildest imaginations.

"Excuse me dear, may we sit here? The other carriages are full." I stop drumming with my fingers and tear my gaze away from the window, my mind out of my imaginations and back to reality with great regret. I look to the carriage door to see an elderly couple with a two young ones. Both of them girls around the same age; their blonde hair platted and are in identical summer dresses.

I frown slightly. I don't like children too much and I prefer to be on my own; always have and always will.                                                           

I shrug to the old lady and gentleman and turn back to the window. I can hear the man comment on my black skull T-shirt, my dark blue skinny jeans, my checkered converses and my baggy baseball jacket. I roll my dark purple eyes, my mind already wandering as the children are nosily seated.

At the next stop I grab my tatty backpack, containing my robes, and head out the carriage as fast as I can.

The End

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