Merry Christmas!

Johnathan took a deep breath before heading inside the 7/11 bathroom. He shut the door behind him and stared at his surroundings, then at himself in the mirror. That old man staring at him would never ever degrade himself into going in a dirty, unclean room like this. The reflection's emotionless face broke into a smile as it placed a white beard and red hat over his head. "Don't worry Nancy. I'll be there soon."


Yoshi whistled a calming tune, a bit uncomfortable sitting beside the rough looking young man. The way he dressed was awkward to Yoshi but he knew better than to speak his mind.

"I still can't beleive that old man wants us to dress like this." Yoshi stopped whistling and stared at the elf ears and hat the boy had been urged to put on by Mr.Bisping. It would have been quite humourous, had he not been dressed in the same way.

"Well i actually don't mind this kid. I mean Mr.Bisping use to despise people dressing up like this. In fact he use to hate Christmas altogether."

Yoshi stared at Darrel for a moment, confused at his shocked stare. He searched his face for anything wrong until Darrel motioned him to turn around. Yoshi's mouth would have fallen out after what he saw standing at the window.

"So I assume those shocked expressions are a good thing right?"

Jennifer sighed as she had finished greeting an Adam Warholl and his parents. They were nice folk but Jennifer only invited them because it was something her dad had asked her to do.

"Bless that strange old man!" Adam had said with a smile on his face. And it wasn't just him that had said so. Jason's co-worker Georgia was behaving differently than Jason had said she normally behaved when the name Johnathan Bisping was mentioned.

"He's a strange old cow," She had said. "But this woman thinks that something's changed that old man...I mean Christmas causes miraculous things."

Jennifer shook her head and walked into the kitchen, hoping to find her brother. She needed to talk to him. Even though he was the younger sibling and was academically less smarter, the whole spiritual and believe in things were usually his forte. "Hey Jason I got to-Oh crap sorry about that you two." She covered her eyes as she walked in to Jason and his co-worker Linda kissing.

Linda's face went a bit red but as soon as she heard Jason's laughter, she burst into a giggling fit. "Hey sis, what's up?" Jason said with a goofy smile on his face. Jennifer gave him a serious stare, her silent way of asking him why he was kissing face, children on the other side of the room just bounding to walk in. Jason poitned up to the celing. "Mistletoe."

Jennifer sighed before walking past the two lovebirds. "I'll be checking on mom. Don't do anymore stupid stuff while I'm gone ok?" The two nodded innocently as Jennifer left.

"Shall we continue?" Linda asked mischeviously. Jason nodded and began to lean close when Jennifer suddenly bursted back into the kitchen, tears in her eyes. Linda gasped and moved backwards, causing Jason to fall flat on his face.

"Mom's gone!" Jennifer yelled, tears freely flowing from her face.

Nancy Bisping shivered to stay warm in her coat. She knew that her husband was in the hospital...somewhere. If only she had bothered to listen which hospital her daughter had said. Curse her impatience. She felt another chill run up her spine as she sat down on the cold iron bench. "Johnathan you old fool. Where are you?"

Suddenly a loud car horn caught her attention. Nancy whipped her head around to see a tall, stocky man in red waving in her direction. She squinted a bit, wondering why the man seemed to look exactly like..."Santa Claus?"

The Jolly man in red flashed her a smile, a smile that she had only seen on two peoples faces. Jason and Johnathan. "Merry Christmas Nancy."

"Sis you sure you don't need our help?" Jason said to his sister. Currently Adam and his parent's, Georgia, Jen's fiancee's parents and him were attempting to settle down Georgia's kids. The teenagers were trying to help but the younger ones were more trouble than they had previously expected. "I mean I could have gone there with you and Linda, or you could have stayed here, help control these savage-"

"Watch your mouth child!" Georgia yelled in the background.

"Sorry Georgia. Those loving little balls of hapiness." Jason said.

Jennifer would have laughed had Linda not shouted in surprise. "Oh my god!

"What? What?" Jennifer shouted slamming on the brakes. The car skidded to a halt, the lights shining on an old couple locked in an embrace, one their mother and the other which appeared to be Santa Claus. The pair stepped out of the car, Jason still yelling in the phone.

"Guy's what's going on?"

Jennifer felt a tear slide down her face at the smiling faces of her parents. "Merry Christmas mom and dad."

Johnathan gazed at his daughter, her tears of joy causing his eyes to well up as well. He also noticed three figures standing behind Linda, a soldier in an old WWI uniform, a boy dressed in formal clothing, a stuffed dog in his hands and a tidy looking man with a bulging belly and great white beard. "Merry Christmas to you all." Johnathan said. He turned back to his wife and smiled, planting a kiss on her lips.

"Jen seriously what happened?"

The End

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