Taking care of Buisness

Adam whipped out a tissue paper as he felt a need to blow his nose. He was just outside the cleaners, the red Santa suit and the accursed beard in one hand and his parent's clothing in another. Although it was awkward to do, somehow Adam managed to blow his nose without getting anything onto the clothes. "Stupid Mr.Bisping, getting all mad for being asked to wear this stupid freaking suit. How does he think I feel!" Adam was not aware his yelling had attracted the attention of a young Asian man and his elderly accomplice walking right behind him.

"I don't know Warholl. How do you feel?" Adam's heart kipped a beat and he bit his tounge. He turned around slowly to see Mr.Bisping giving him a piercing gaze. "Mr.Bisping...I didn't...well what i meant was..."

His former boss shook his head. "Spit it out Warholl!" Adam stood dumbstruck for a moment before swallowing. He had to be assertive! He had to stop cowering in front of the ungrateful old man who fired!

"Mr.Bisping I feel ...pissed that you won't wear this costume! I mean for god's sake it's Christmas! And it's for your own daughter's wedding party...thing! So I'm taking a stand! You're going to wear this kapeesh?" Adam felt himself breathing hard, out of breath after speaking his mind.

Johnathan gave the man a long, hard stare. "So that's what's on your mind eh?" Adam nodded, a serious and brave look on his normally nervous and scared face. Johnathan broke into a smile and hugged a shocked Adam. He grabbed the Santa suit form him and patted him on the back. "About time you spoke your mind Warholl. Now listen carefully. You still need a job?" Adam nodded, a shocked look on his face. "Well what do you say about head of Financial affairs etc.? I mean I've seen you in action and I must say you're wasting time as a simple accountant." Adam began to mumble inaudible words as Johnathan continued to give him a goofy smile, a smile Adam only saw on Jason's face.

"Th...thank you sir!" Johnathan smiled before handing him a card. He leaned close to to his ear and spoke.

"And if you or your parents ever need any financial help, call this guy. He's a genius when it comes to insurances and stuff like that. Anyways got to run, I have another stop to make!" Johnathan patted Adam on the back and motioned for Yoshi to hail a cab. As the car slowed and the pair stepped into it, Adam grabbed his bosses shoulder.

Merry Christmas Mr.Bisping." Adam said. He had a tear in his eye, almost not believing the events that just happened.

Johnathan stared at him for a moment before breaking into a smile. "Merry Christmas to you Adam and please, call me Johnathan."


Darrel stood in front of the convinience store, a look of confusion and guilt on his face. He knew what he was doing would piss his mom and brother off. But if he didn't do it then there would be no Christmas for his family. No toys for his younger siblings who rightfully deserved them, no sewing materials for his mom and no books for hsi brother. No he had to do this. He reached into his hoody and pulled out a black bandanna and black tinted glasses. He tied it around his mouth and put the glasses over his eyes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his younger brother's replica toy gun.

"You don't have to do that son."

Darrel whipped around and unknowingly aimed the gun at an old man. The calm look on his face made Darrel shake a bit. This was the old man in the hospital! The one he had seen knocked out cold.

"Get out of here old man!" He ordered. He held the gun to the old man's face as he slowly walked closer and closer.

Johnathan remained calm as he approached the gun toting youth. "Please son give me a chance to speak." Darrel's grip on the gun wavered a bit, the firearm now tucked in his hoody but still aimed at Johnathan. "You don't have to shoot me. I know you feel like a selfish monster for not offering your family anything for Christmas, believe me I know. But you know, Christmas isn't all about the gifts and what you receive. It's also about family and spending time together. And would your mother and brother be proud to know you bought them gifts with stolen money?"

Darrel slipped the gun into his pocket and looked down. "I was going to take some cash, enough to pay for the bank back for the loan for presents and help my mom out. They won't let me take anymore so I got's no choice!"

Johnathan put his hand on the confused youth's shoulder. "Help me out with something and I promise I'll pay that loan, your house payments and get your mom's job back."

Darrel stared at the old man for a moment before nodding. "Aight I'm in."

"Come then, we got work to do."



The End

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